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  1. DukenGizmo

    Clindamycin and Diarrhea

    Hey guys, My kitty is on clindamycin for a dental abscess. She is having surgery on the 18th to remove the teeth, but she was placed on clindamycin until this Monday to clear up the abscess (total 10 days). She now has diarrhea once a day. We’ve switched the food to Purina EN with rice and...
  2. DukenGizmo

    Resource For Grieving Or Caregiving

    Hi all, I just wanted to talk about something I experienced last night and share the info in case it can help someone else. In caring for my cats odd diagnosis and managing his medicine, I’ve been really overwhelmed lately. I’ve been looking up anticipatory grief and other topics that...
  3. DukenGizmo

    Season Allergies Or?

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Lately my 2 cats, Duke and Gizmo, have been excessively over-grooming. A little background, Duke was at the vet 4 weeks ago for 7 dental extractions. One of his sutures ended up coming loose, so we made several trips back there. I had to treat him...
  4. DukenGizmo

    Antibiotic Thoughts

    Hey again! I posted on here this weekend about my cat Duke with his 7 dental extractions. He's doing fine, he's just developed an "odor" in his mouth that I've never smelled before. Called the vet and she wants to check his sockets for infection. We are going to the vet tomorrow, but I...
  5. DukenGizmo

    Dental Extractions - When Was Kitty Normal Again?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. I have 2 kitties, Duke and Gizmo. Duke is 8 years old and just had a dental cleaning and 7 extractions :(, FORLs. Well, on Tuesday. He is doing well as far as pain, I was giving him Buprenex every 12 hours, which he sort of tolerated. He's playing a lot and eating...
  6. DukenGizmo

    New Here!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rachel and I'm new here. My cat Duke had dental extractions the other day and I've been getting a lot of good information and reassurance from this site, so I figured I would sign up. Gizmo is the black one and Duke is the big fluff ball. They are 9 and 8, respectively. Can't...