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  1. JulietteTruong

    Juliette’s body shape/condition

    Juli is 7 (turns 8 next month). I would say she’s more on the inactive side, she spends a lot of time napping and lounging lol. In warmer weather, we keep our back door open, so she’s able to hang in the enclosed little yard. She likes to walk the perimeter, maybe catch a bug. When I adopted...
  2. JulietteTruong

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    I add fish oil to my kitty’s meal, and she can tell when I do so she usually doesn’t eat her food right away. She will sniff, walk away, and then come back later in an hour or so and then eat it. Eventually she does eat it all. is it okay to leave fish oil out like that? Will it affect the...
  3. JulietteTruong


    Hi, what are your thoughts/experiences/feedback with this wet food? It looks comparable to other grocery store brands such as Sheba, Friskies, FF, etc. For the price point, obviously there’s a few questionable ingredients (guar gum, tapioca starch, iron oxide color?). But it doesn’t look too...
  4. JulietteTruong

    Tiki Cat After Dark

    Hi all, I’m cat sitting for the sis, and her babies eat Weruva wet food. Lately they’ve been on the ones with gravy. I know Weruva is a trusted “premium” brand, and have heard great things about them. But the food looks really...soupy? The ingredients look good, except for the starch, which...
  5. JulietteTruong

    Transitioning kitty from commercial wet to homemade cooked

    Hi all, I’ve searched the forums for information on transitioning a cat’s diet, and I’m only seeing threads/articles for transitioning from dry kibbles to wet/home-cooked/raw. I can’t see my to find information for changing from wet canned to homemade food. Am I missing something? I tend to be...
  6. JulietteTruong

    My Juli has diarrhea 😿

    Fml. I just saw Juliette poop diarrhea. I think I’ve been doing too much, too soon, with changing her diet up recently. The past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get her to eat a home cooked food, using the U-Stew premix and chicken. That was the first batch. Then I made the second with beef...
  7. JulietteTruong

    You know you’re a true cat lover

    When you own personalized pet memorabilia with your kitty’s likeness on it. A gift from my sis last Christmas:flail: Any of you fellow cat lovers own things with your kitty on it?
  8. JulietteTruong

    Daily water intake

    Roughly how much water should an adult cat consume daily? Obviously this would depend on variable factors such as kitty’s age, weight, activity level, diet etc. so a rough average would be ideal. She’s about 7 years old, 12 lbs, and good health. The various internet sources tell me the...
  9. JulietteTruong

    Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic ground beef

    Hi all, I bought a pound of the following to make a small batch of cooked food with the U-Stew premix. Looking over the nutritional information, it seems fine to use, but I just wanted to run it by you guys in case I missed anything. Thanks a bunch!
  10. JulietteTruong

    Pets Megastore website from Australia

    Has anybody ordered from this website or one similar? What are your experiences? I’m interested in getting some Revolution Plus because the prices are very tempting.
  11. JulietteTruong

    PureBites freeze-dried duck liver

    I was hesitant to buy it at first, since Juli turned away from cooked chicken liver when I made some for her. My first homemade cooked chicken food, with chicken liver, she has had to be tricked into eating by mixing in other toppers etc. As soon as I opened the pack of duck liver, she came...
  12. JulietteTruong

    Grandma’s girl

    Grandma’s little sidekick
  13. JulietteTruong

    1st attempt at homemade cooked food

    Not so great. Been obsessively browsing the homemade forums, Dr Pierson’s website, and whatever proper internet material there is for making cat food at home. Raw seems appealing, but for now I’ll start with cooked. I ordered the U-Stew chicken premix for cooked recipes, and made half a batch...
  14. JulietteTruong

    Supplements for home-cooked food

    Hi all, I’m thinking about making Dr. Pierson’s chicken recipe. She lists her supplement choices from Does it matter what brands I use? What are some other brands you guys use? What about more budget types? Where do you like to get yours? Thanks!
  15. JulietteTruong

    Occasionally needy in the AM for no apparent reason

    My Juli usually wakes me up at about 6 am for feeding. Today I woke up at 5:30 for no reason, so I went to feed her a bit earlier than usual. She usually doesn’t finish the entire can and saves a little for later. Then I go back to bed. At 6 am, I hear her meowing at my bed waking me up...
  16. JulietteTruong

    Feeding boiled chicken liver

    I’ve been slowly, little by little, entertaining the idea of making cooked food for the kitty. It’s been a thought for a while now. Today, I did buy some fresh chicken liver and boiled about two or three tablespoons of it. I chopped it up finely. Juli sniffed it, and had zero interest. So I...
  17. JulietteTruong

    This website is so precious

    This website is such a gem, especially for us cat obsessed folks. Really like the overall vibe! As popular as cats are, I feel like there isn’t enough on the Internet for cat owners. Reddit is not great. I feel like more people should know about this place.
  18. JulietteTruong

    Entering the “senior stage” of cat life

    Hi all, I was shopping for cat food at Petsmart, and noticed one of the labels read “Senior diet for cats ages 7 and up,” and was taken aback. My Juli just turned 7 a few months ago, and for whatever reasons it never occurred to me to think that she’s now entered the “senior cat club.” 🥺 It’s...
  19. JulietteTruong

    Eye spots

    I recently posted this photo on Reddit, and someone asked about the spots on her eyes. Particularly that one on her left eye. I never really noticed them before, and ever since the commenter pointed them out I’ve been a bit anxious about it. shes 7, and I don’t know if that’s due to age...
  20. JulietteTruong

    Wysong dry cat food

    Hi all, what are your thoughts/feedbacks for the Wysong line, particularly their dry cat food? I’m looking at the “Epigen 90,” and “Epigen original” and they seem to stand out for the high protein/low carb ratios for a dry food. Does this seem like a quality food, for a dry cat food? I feed...