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  1. david sms

    Cat being hospitalized for kidney disease not eating at vet

    Three few weeks ago my cat Katrina (she's small and lost weight so just 7 pounds now and 15 years old) became constipated, I got her through it with an enema, but she remained lethargic, so I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago. She has been drinking a lot of water for many months and does...
  2. david sms

    Found a thin stray cat today and took it home.

    I was walking down the path I walk everyday and noticed a cat off to the side of the path. As I got closer I saw it was quite thin, and he seemed to be hissing at me, but I couldn't really hear it clearly. Despite that, he didn't run away when I continued to approach, so I sat near him and...
  3. david sms

    Thinking of bringing a stray cat inside

    There is a somewhat friendly stray cat we have been feeding for a few years. I say somewhat because when he sees you he will meow and start rolling around showing his belly, and he lets me pet him, and sometimes rubs against me. But sometimes after petting him for awhile, he will meow and try to...
  4. david sms

    Making raw food without a grinder

    I'm new to making homemade catfood so I don't have a grinder. I'm thinking of trying the recipe at But I'm a bit confused on how to add the boneless chicken / chicken liver without a grinder to the mix. After whisking the raw egg yolks and supplements...