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  1. bnwalker2

    Unusual spot?

    Samba is almost 8 months old now. I posted pics when I got him that showed off his odd spot but I don't think I posted them in this section. Now at almost 8 months old, the spot is still there. So what causes this?? Pic from 3? months old: And now. Not the best pics but you can still see...
  2. bnwalker2

    Introducing.... Samba!

    Well, luckily my search for a kitty didn't take too long at all. I went to look at a couple last night and fell in love with this little guy! He is 11 weeks old and ironically was born the day that John kicked me out. I decided to name him Samba. He's still settling in and hiding a lot but...
  3. bnwalker2

    Hey everyone! I'm back again!

    It's been awhile since I've been around! Things in my life have changed drastically. John cheated on me, and then kicked me out of the house back towards the end of March. He gave me about an hour to pack up and move back in with my parents. Unfortunately I had to leave our kitties behind...
  4. bnwalker2

    Wow, it's been awhile!

    Hi everyone! It feels like it's been forever since I've been here. We've had some rough times the past couple of months, several animal losses and a few new family members. We have four kitties now - Leo, Woodward, & Satan (who we had before I left) and we also have little Onyx (who is 100%...
  5. bnwalker2

    We have babies!

    Our foster kitty had her babies last night. Despite her huge belly, she only had five. I stayed up with her all night waiting on more but she was done after number five. She had three before midnight on April 12th making those three Easter babies! The other two came after midnight on April...
  6. bnwalker2

    New pregnant foster kitty

    We found this girl in the barn, and noticed she was getting big. So we brought her inside, expecting kittens any day. That was 4 weeks ago and still no kittens! She's HUGE... these pictures really do not show how big she actually is. I wonder how many there are in there?!
  7. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - January 13, 2009

    What color​ is the shirt​ you are weari​ng?​ I've got on a white t-shirt and a grey sweater over it.
  8. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - January 6, 2009

    What did you dream about last night? I had quite a few crazy dreams. One of which, there was an outbreak of evil children. These children would randomly show up at a home, and the people there were stuck inside with these children and had to keep them happy or else they'd all be eaten by the...
  9. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 23rd

    What were you doing half an hour ago? I was outside helping John clean out a truck that he's trading tomorrow.
  10. bnwalker2

    This is awful *Warning-Graphic picture*

    Sorry if this has already been posted, John just sent me the link to post on here,2933,469724,00.html
  11. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 18th

    What's your favorite movie genre?
  12. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 16th

    How long have you known your best friend? John is my best friend and I've known him for a little over 3 years now.
  13. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 9th

    Which do you prefer to eat, something sweet or something salty? I will take salty over sweet any day!
  14. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 4th

    What is your natural hair color? Mine is just plain old brown!
  15. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - December 2nd

    What was the last thing you said out loud? I just told John to be careful as he was leaving for work.
  16. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - November 25th!!

    Are you a very talkative person? I'm generally pretty quiet, I can go for hours without saying a single word. But if it's a subject I'm passionate about, I can go on and on about it!
  17. bnwalker2

    New pictures of the kitties

    Here's a link to the other thread I posted: And now for some updated pictures of most of the kitties! Grabat and Leo weren't cooperative so none of them. Spooky Bear Gonzo Peanut Woodward *more in the next post*
  18. bnwalker2

    Another update on our kitty family

    I posted awhile back that we had made some changes to our feline family, finding homes for several cats that we had originally intended to keep, as well as taking a break from fostering. We were down to eight indoor cats and one indoor/outdoor kitty. We kept the ones that were least likely to...
  19. bnwalker2

    Question of the Day - November 18th

    Do you prefer cold or hot weather? I've always been a summer person, until this year. I'm finding myself really loving the colder weather, and it just feels so much more comfortable out in the cold this year for some reason.
  20. bnwalker2

    Goodbye Grover

    Here's the link to the original thread: I'm not feeling so great about it all, and don't feel like writing much about it. Rest In Peace sweet Grover.