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  1. Carolina SA

    My cat gets tired of toys QUICKLY

    My favourite tip that my cats taught me: Buy an expensive wand toy that you really like, then ignore the fancy end and play with the stick end. :rolleyes: My cats have moods and novelty fatigue so some play-games work for a few days and then don't.... However, wiggling a stick around under a...
  2. Carolina SA

    BoyBoy's Face Scab Needs Rapid Healing!

    BoyBoy update 3: After 7 months BoyBoy.... our favourite ToyToy ;) is STILL healing! The wound is less than 20% the original size but there is still scarring up the side of his cute little face that extends to above eye level. We gave up on any collar. Our house/window layout, catio access...
  3. Carolina SA

    Courageous QA Testers

    These hand made items for a gift were tested for quality by experts in comfort. They APPROVED!!!!!! I'm not sure why I think that is a recommendation, since they also love exotic boxes and attacking fly swatters! But, we printed a picture as a Happy Birthday card and feel sure Mum will love it!
  4. Carolina SA

    Danger! Danger! Warning;)

    Absolutely. Its only been a few months but his little personality is blossoming and we couldn't imagine our lives without him!
  5. Carolina SA

    Danger! Danger! Warning;)

    Finding ways to make the street stray BoyBoy happy as a new indoor cat can be an extreme sport!!! LOL. We use a torn sheet to make a Safari Tent.... occasionally we forget we're walking past the stalking lion of the Serengeti. It is amazing how much delight and humour those little paw-claws bring!
  6. Carolina SA

    Newly adopted cat will not eat

    Sorry I tried to reply yesterday and my computer crashed...blast! My new rescue cat BoyBoy took a couple of days before he started eating after I trapped him. He only used the litter box after his castration. It was simply fear and stress. :redheartpump:Glad your little Bandit is adjusting to...
  7. Carolina SA

    Even after 3 years cat is staying away and not trusting me :(

    My vet who is not scared of a hostile cat likes my soft carrier - it works great. We keept the cat inside, push down on the carrier for its first injection! Neutering and a safe isolation room is so helpful when calming and taming a cat. It is too much for them to have many other cats around them.
  8. Carolina SA

    How often do you play with your cat?

    I cannot tell a lie! I have played using a consistent 'exhaustion' routine depending on age, integration,etc. As they settle in with each other (and I slack off) it often becomes a game of distraction. It also depends on their moods! They watch me with those judging eyes as I give up pretending...
  9. Carolina SA

    Previous near-feral kitten trapped in December, gave her a home, she just escaped

    Great advice, I can only suggest being patient. Cats do want to come back to their Hooman Fast Food delivery machine. It may take more than a few days.... the odds are still really good! Female cats are often extra cautious.
  10. Carolina SA

    Feral in my garage

    Perhaps he has gone through this captivity exercise long enough to justify.... more captivity.... aka loving home. An idea...start working on trapping him again.....if you have a bed or bathroom you can then release him into it. The trick is the trap, it should become the feeding station he...
  11. Carolina SA

    Mimi was in the shelter a really long time

    I always remember author M S King writing about an adult cat they adopted called Sugar. It took 3 years for her decide her new hoomans were OK. He was so fed up with this beautiful creature hissing at him daily and then one day, she liked him and then became his most adored kittykat. Who he now...
  12. Carolina SA

    Catwalk: This now happens when I vacuum!

    I found each little one... Yep.... and you can see just how much joy they give us! Rescuing a kitten or an older cat is totally worth it.
  13. Carolina SA

    Catwalk: This now happens when I vacuum!

    How many cats can you see? This is our truly awesome Catwalk (yes, every girl should have one!). It is 6m and leads to my neighbour's house and into a large catio with segregated enclosures for their and our cats (wire compartments separate our cats). It truly is wonderful having good...
  14. Carolina SA

    Colonies and going on vacation, plus semi-feral who sleeps in home!

    If your feed times are fairly regular can your neighbour come over and start feeding them for a couple of days before you leave? I've done this. I learn to mimic the owner's calls as I arrive, then prepare the food and then put it down where they do. Its less intimidating than an abrupt change...
  15. Carolina SA

    Feel guilty for even considering moving city.

    I'd only add a caution to sedating a pet someone else is transporting. It is stressful for many animals but they do recover especially with good, calm, after care and attention. A sedated animal cannot be observed as to be OK or in serious distress by a transporter. A complaining animal can be...
  16. Carolina SA

    The Jealousy Factor Is Awesome

    Of the 2 siblings a random stray cat birthed in our garage, that eventually became my indoor cats, the little girl on the right remained stand offish and skiddish. That was until nearly 2 years later I brought in the new cat! She pretends to hate him but now she talks to me, head bumps me...
  17. Carolina SA

    Summoning the Cat Peanut Gallery

    :) So they like a view when going potty - like mine who ignore the discrete litter box preferring to make a public display :oops:
  18. Carolina SA

    Rejected Raw Food - Can I cook it to increase appeal?

    The dog loves it.... * sigh*
  19. Carolina SA

    Doubting my decision...

    I've rarely had an instant bond with the various cats and dogs I've rescued over the years. It takes time and there is always some adjustment. Giving an animal a safe home for life is a great thing. It can also be challenging - I've recently integrated a street cat, who hates dogs, with my crazy...
  20. Carolina SA

    Feral in my garage

    A thought that may be impractical, can you take a little heater with you and potter about in the garage a little each day? I truly do believe animals understand tones in our individual voices - yours will tell him you're his human.