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  1. klp023

    TNR, Semi Feral Mom and Kitten

    Hello, I apologize in advance for the length. My husband and I are having a few feral cat issues and we are hoping you can help. Any suggestions are helpful! We live in a subdivision and our neighbor feeds and provides a little bit of shelter for 7 feral cats. I started feeding a starving...
  2. klp023

    Lost Kitten

    Hello All, We have a stray cat that lives on our property and she has 3 kittens (about 8-12 weeks). Yesterday there was a bad storm and one of the kittens got scared and ran up a tree. When it finally came down from the tree, it ran to the bushes on our neighbors property but it's quite far...
  3. klp023

    1 Year Olds Having Diarrhea

    I recently took my 1 year old kittens to the vet for their yearly vaccinations. On Tuesday the 2nd they received their combination Distemper and also the rabies. I also bought Advantage Multi but I waited until the 4th to give them that. They now have diarrhea, with no solid to it at all. My...
  4. klp023

    Grain Free Cat Feeding?

    Ok so this is my first post and I am somewhat new to kitties! I have 2 cats (1 male, 1 female) about a year old. I have a couple food questions that I’m hoping you can help me with. I do not have a pet store close by just TSC and Wal-Mart. I currently feed them mostly dry grain free Authority...