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    Microchip caused a growth/tumor

    Hi friends, As the title states, my cats microchip is now encapsulated by hard tissue and is scheduled to be removed this week! A little backstory: my cat is 9 years old and was microchipped before he turned 1 by his rescue. Over the years his microchip has migrated from in between his...
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    Lost our foster kitten to FKS yesterday

    Hi y’all, my husband and I had a rough day yesterday. We lost our 2 week old foster kitten “Thomas.” He was a singleton and cared for by his wonderful mama cat but started losing weight earlier in the week. His mom also took on a four week old runt who was the same size as Thomas. I’m not sure...
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    Going On Vacation For The First Time

    Hey everyone! I’m a long time lurker of The Cat Site and a proud kitty mama of four cats. My husband and I will be going out of town next month and leaving our cats home for the first time ever! I was thinking of having my neighbor come by daily to check food, water and litter boxes (she, too...
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    Our first pregnant foster cat

    Hi everyone!! We (My husband and I) recently rescued a stray female roaming our property. Turns out, we think she is quite pregnant. We originally saw her about six weeks ago with four tom cats following her, multiple attempts to trap her at that time with no luck. We are seasoned kitten...
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    possible intussusception last night?

    Hey everyone! I am new to this site but looking for some opinions! It'll be a long post but I feel all of the info is needes to understand what we're going through. I foster a lot of cats and have an 8 week old kitten here that since getting him at 4 weeks old has always had 1 day a week where...