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  1. tobykitten

    What do you feed your cats on?

    I use a towel for my dog (She even knows "Keep it on your mat") but for Toby, because his food (ground H-T mixes) is so wet (and it's important to me it stay wet) I use these rubbermaid square plates.  I like them because they're really shallow so food can be spread around, but have a lip on...
  2. tobykitten

    Kinda new... Forgot to post an intro!

    Hi folks, A little about me (as a person) - I'm 27, female, work full time at a corporate job, graduating with my Master's in Management at the end of the month.  I live in Maine with my boyfriend of 4 years (we'll probably get married someday!) We have 3 animals: - Olive (2 yr old dog...
  3. tobykitten

    Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix?

    This is Toby, at about 10 weeks. He's a Craigslist find -- advertised as a "Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix".  Obviously since no papers or proven pedigree, he's a "Domestic Medium Hair" officially.   The vet agrees that he's probably got some Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix in him though. I live in Maine, too...
  4. tobykitten

    Help with diet plan