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  1. Elphaba09

    Help me decide on a floor stencil, please.

    My husband and I are planning on stenciling our kitchen floor, which is currently unstained concrete. He is being a little less than helpful in deciding on the stencil, and I cannot pick which I like best. The base color will be navy, and the stenciling will depend on which one we pick. Here our...
  2. Elphaba09

    Non-Holiday Holiday Movies

    I have not seen this posted anywhere, but if it is sorry! Die Hard is one of those movies that people classify as a holiday movie without it actually being one. What are some of your favorite non-holiday holiday movies? I love Die Hard, but here are some of the others that I enjoy watching on...
  3. Elphaba09

    I am not new, but these kittens are!

    We gained three kittens yesterday! That makes our total cat count 12; however, two of the original nine and one of the kittens are going with my son when he and his fiancee move into their house. First up, we have Iroh Finnian Poe, named after a character from "Avatar: The Last Air Bender."...
  4. Elphaba09

    Abandoned Dogs

    This is long and ranting. Sorry. A couple of weeks ago while taking my daughter and grandson back to their apartment after his doctor's appointment, we stopped at a garage sale near her because she noticed a kitchen table and wanted it. While we were there, we noticed a bunch of feral cats and...
  5. Elphaba09

    Catching Ezra and What to Do

    For the last couple of nights, my husband and I have been trying to catch a feral-but-maybe-skittish-stray we have been calling Ezra now that we can take it to get spayed or neutered. When it first started coming around, I noticed it has rather short legs and walks with a sort of waddle. My...
  6. Elphaba09

    Need Good Vibes For Daughter and Grandson

    The last few days have been rough for my family. My daughter is 29 weeks pregnant and is currently in the hospital with severe preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. On Tuesday, I took her to her doctor's appointment and then to the hospital for a RhoGam shot, some additional bloodwork, and to...
  7. Elphaba09

    Favorite Musical Moment From A Non-musical Movie Or Series

    I just saw a preview for a movie starring Toni Collette. Now, I am in the mood to watch Muriel's Wedding, a movie that contains one of my favorite musical moments in a non-musical. It got me wondering what other musical moments people like. Here are my top two: "Waterloo" from "Muriel's...
  8. Elphaba09

    I Am Not New, But This Cat Is!

    My daughter was at her boyfriend's apartment yesterday and found this little sweetie sitting on his patio. She called and asked me to help pick out a name. We--her boyfriend included--decided on Zelda Hermione Skye. I thought I would introduce her.
  9. Elphaba09

    Missing Feral Friend

    I am just putting this here because I have myself sick with worry and need to talk about it. We have a feral that claimed our front porch more than three years ago. I got him a house with a heated bed, and he has access to food and water. I named him Linden. I know he spends time elsewhere, but...
  10. Elphaba09

    Favorite Christmas Movies/shows/christmas Episodes

    I did not see a thread for this. If there is, please, direct me to it. What is your favorite Christmas movie or show? I am not Christian, but I have such a soft spot for Christmas movies. My favorites are movies and shows are Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, It's a Wonderful Life...
  11. Elphaba09

    Lesser Known Tv Series And Movies

    Are there any tv series (Netflix, PBS, what have you) or movies you love that you think deserve a broader audience? Off the top of my head TV: The Detectorists The OA Raised by Wolves (British TV series) Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Ripper Street Gran Hotel (also Grand Hotel) Glow Longmire...
  12. Elphaba09

    Witch + Werewolf = Cats!

    Hello! I am new. :) My husband and I never planned on having more than two cats, but we now have nine inside, a feral who lives on our porch, and a small colony that we help support. I have two grown children from my previous marriage, so cats just seemed the best way to go! go! We saved Astrid...
  13. Elphaba09

    What Breed Is Silas?

    We found a 5-week old kitten two weeks ago. He was covered in fleas, extremely malnourished, anemic, lethargic, spots of mange, and a burn on his hip. We fell in love, named him Silas Endeavour Book, and he is now part of our lovely glaring of 9. We took him to the vet and he is on the road to...