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    Has anyone had any luck with meds to prevent agression between 2 neutered males?

    I posted a while back re. many problems due to taking in a relative's 4 cats when we already have 4 of our own. Things have not been going well. Several of the newcomers are ganging up on our 13 year old, but the main problem is between him and the 6 year old male who is one of the 4 we took in...
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    Question for people who work for rescue orgs

    In a nutshell, we have a close relative who is in legal trouble, currently incarcerated and will probably go to prison for quite a while. We have 4 cats of our own and took in his 4 cats 4 months ago when he was arrested, because it was either us or animal control. Things have not been going...
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    Don't Know What To Do - Venting

    I apologize for the long email and complaining. I pretty much know this situation is hopeless and there aren't any solutions to this, except for the obvious ones. Because of a relative's illegal activity resulting in his arrest, we ended up taking in his 4 cats. We already have 4 of our own...
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    Need Cheap But Nutritious Food Suggestions

    A close relative has gotten himself into huge legal trouble and we had to take in his 4 cats or they would have ended up at animal control and, as they are adults and one is diabetic, probably euthanized. We have 4 of our own whom we feed mostly very good quality canned food, but we will not be...