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    Any ideas to get cat to eat

    Kiwi my 4 year old spayed female stopped eating friday. Took her to the vet on saturday, temperature ok, gums a little inflamed but she has gingivitis that has never bothered her. No sign of obstruction, lots of different bloods done and showed nothing. Given antibiotics and steriod. Eat a...
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    Best S Boulardii

    Kiwi has had very lose stools for the past week, not diarrhea, slightly formed but wet enough to make a mess on her long butt fur. I took her to the vet Monday and she had a thorough examination. Vet didnt find anything wrong and though it may be stress related IBS. I want to start her on S...
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    Book Of The Month Club - October 2019

    The objective of this thread is to read and discuss one book a month . The chosen book will be announced within the first week of the previous month ie November book announced at the beginning of October thus giving plenty of time for interested parties to obtain a copy. Book to be read within...
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    Corn Silk Advice

    One of my cats has stress related UTI with bladder inflammation and debris in his bladder. The vet had him on Metacam for one month which I am really unhappy about. The inflammation has cleared now but may return. He is on Nutracys+ daily and I want to start using corn silk but know little about...
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    Any Ideas Anyone

    I am out of ideas on how to help my boy Buzz. End of April he had a UTI, vet gave him antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and it cleared up. Four weeks later, back again, vet put him on Metacam for 5 days and it cleared. Five weeks later it was back. The vet scanned him and he had a lot of debris...
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    Uti Advice

    My 3 year old neutered boy had a uti where he was making frequent visits to the litterbox and not producing any pee. Swift visit to the vet, antibiotics etc and it cleared up on a day. Fast forward 5 weeks and he is peeing small amounts many times a day for the past 3 days. I have tried cider...
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    Sending A Pm

    I have tried to send a PM to a member and a message has come up stating that I cannot start a conversation with this member. I have been infirmed that another member has also had this message when trying to send a new PM to someone. Is there an issue with PM's.
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    Adding A Link To A Post

    I use my phone to post on the site and the format is different to a pc or laptop. How do I add a link to my post please.
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    Dandruff On Cat's Back

    My long haired cat has quite a lot of dandruff on the base of her back. I suspect it is where she cant reach to groom. The vet gave her a clean bill of health on monday and suggested daily brushing- which I already do and to put omega 3 oil on her food- which she wont eat. Has anyone got any...
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    Eosinophilic Kerititis

    My 3 year old has just been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Kerititis and I am a bit lost as what the best thing for her is. Has anyone dealt with this or can offer advice please.
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    Isn't it wonderful what a catnip plant can achieve. A trio of comatosed cats.
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    Probiotic Question

    I have a 2 year old cat with possible IBS and am about to start giving him probiotics. The best available as far as I can see is Bioglan biotic balance ultimate flora but it states in the ingredients that the S boulardii is cultured from Lactose/milk protein. Will it be alright to give to my...
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    Novel Protein Advice

    I have a two year old cat that might have IBS, currently going through elimination tests. My vet wants to put him on a hydrolysed diet but I would prefer to try a novel protein. He is a picky eater and will only eat a wet food in gravy. I also want him to have some dry food in the same protein...
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    Hydrolysed Cat Food In Uk

    Does anyone feed their cat hydrolysed food. My cat is having bouts of diarrhoea and is undergoing tests but the vet has recommended that he might benefit from a hydrolysed diet but I understand they are not very palatable. I am looking for both wet and dry. Thanks in advance.
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    Ibs Advice Please

    My 2 year old male cat has just been diagnosed with IBS. Has anyone had any experience with this or any advice please
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    Red Area On Cat's Bum..warning Close Photo

    One of my cat's has a red area on his bum. Doesnt seem to bother him, no licking, scooting and no bleeding. He was wormed two weeks ago. It appeared yesterday. Anyone got any ideas please.
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    Being Reviewed Keeps Throwing Me Out

    Every time I try to look at the votes on Sept 2017 photo contest re cats and yoga I keep being thrown out of thread and am unable to view. Is it just me?
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    User Blocked

    Don't know if this is correct place, hope it is. I have been asked by Ariel2611 to contact you. She is unable to access site. It appears she has been blocked. She asks if someone could look into the problem please.
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    I have been having a PM with another member yesterday and today. The thread has now disappeared and when I tried to start a new one, error message came up saying I could not start a conversation with this person. Any ideas?