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    Tidy Cat Small Spaces -- anyone tried it yet?

    Why release this product? (rhetorical) Perhaps the general public has decided the "crystal" style of litter is a flop. The crystals stuff doesn't last as long as they say (general consensus) and a good number of cats rejected it (Nano included). So now they need to develop a new upper-end...
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    Tidy Cat Small Spaces -- anyone tried it yet?

    I think it is supposed to quickly/instantly neutralize odors, which is important when there is limited amount of floorspace and the cat's litterbox might be next to your bed or next to the toilet. But I don't know...that's why I am gonna try it out and report what happens in my 600 sq ft...
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    Safest time to neuter

    You could have done it as early as two months, but four months is also good so go ahead and make an appointment right now. If you are worried about safety, early is safer than later so now is the time to do it. Good luck and thanks for wanting to neuter your cat.
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    Are cats allowed outside?

    Cats can be perfectly happy spending their whole life indoors if they are in a good environment with good humans with adequately care for their needs. As an alternative to walking on a leash, I load Nano into her carrier and we go to a scenic park-like area for weekly field trips. (As a...
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    are cats ok with hights?

    It sounds like you should keep your cats indoors for now. Maybe you can try window perches to give them a view? When a cat gets older and you've spent more time with them as your pet, you can begin to sense what they can (or can't) handle. After six months with Nano (who was already a mature...
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    Do you think they remember?

    Oh yeah, some cats can definitely remember. Sounds like you are trying to do the right things to reassure them, though. Good luck!
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    Tidy Cat Small Spaces -- anyone tried it yet?

    There's a new product called "Tidy Cat Small Spaces" designed for people who have cats but live in apartments. Anyone give it a try yet? I've been alternating between Arm & Hammer and Tidy Cat (regular clumping varieties), so I decided to give...
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    Odd behaviour

    If she has a swollen spot where she bites or gets mad if you touch it, then that would be a medical problem and please check with a vet. That said, I don't know many female cats who won't warn you to back off if you start stroking their stomach or rubbing their nipples. I might get in a single...
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    my kitty is such a good traveler!

    I don't mean to bug you for more details, but once you have the time and get a chance, it'd be great if you could type out a longer version of your story. There are many times people want to know about international travel with their cat(s) and sometimes information can be scarce. Some...
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    Potty Training?

    An ex-girlfriend did it. Definitely reality and not just crazy talk. There are some obstacles... initial time investment (hard if you work 60 hours/week...good if you work at home or have free time) having a household toilet mostly tied up with the cat's stuff (at least during the training...
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    Odd behaviour

    This is a stray cat you rescued less than a week ago? The bite is explained by the cat not being terribly familiar with you as its caretaker or by simple over-stimulation, take your pick. The exhaustion is explained by the poor health of the cat was when you rescued him. The hard life on the...
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    FYI: Cool Litter Box

    See, that wouldn't accomodate Nano because she gets picky about being put into small places against her will. Her original smaller sized litterbox failed because she physically hung out over the edge and went onto the floor...she really needs a XXXL sized box. If they had a larger size I'd...
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    FYI: Cool Litter Box

    The link given by the first poster is broke. I take it the price was fairly high ($200?) and it only accomodated small to medium-sized cats?
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    at what time do you put an aged feline down

    I've seen you intrude into several euthanasia threads where you imply anyone who goes the PTS route is a murderer, unless of course they listen to you and your snake-oil remedies. Your actions are reprehensible. I challenge you to start a thread exactly outlining the "options" you think exist...
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    How many distinct sounds can your cat make?

    Right, but how many words/phrases does a typical cat have in their regular vocabulary? I mean there's no doubt in my mind Nano has ~20 different sounds she intentionally and regularly uses in certain specific situations. These aren't random noises or a case of wishful thinking. I've heard...
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    Is this considered drinking a lot of water?

    I've done some further surfing on my own: If anyone has an extra hour or so, that page had a lot of interesting information in general. As for the water issue, the author works out some examples where a cat on a canned diet gets nearly all of its...
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    Is this considered drinking a lot of water?

    Hmm...? from: So if I read that right, a cat drinks 1.5 oz/lb each day and Nano is 14.6 lbs, which means...21.9 oz of water a day! According to that guy, Nano's water consumption is right on target.
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    One cat eats first.

    Yes, your living room cat recognizes/accepts the cat living under the bed as its superior. As for why, we can only speculate but living in a house is an artificial environment and for whatever reason the scaredy cat's preferred location is under the bed. Nano has some strong alpha-cat...
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    Is this considered drinking a lot of water?

    I recently bought a Drinkwell fountain and unless there is another way the fountain empties itself, it seems Nano is drinking 20 oz of water on a daily basis. I start off with a full fountain and then add a full 16.9 bottle of filtered water each day (full bottle = 16.9 oz, 500 mL) and...
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    Cats who encourage you to sleep and don't wake you up

    I'm not sure of explanations for Nano's behavior, but I tend to agree that it probably has something to do with routine and timing issues.