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    Mixing dry food with raw

    The ratio is 2:1. I'm out -- this place is totally unwelcoming and generally mistrustful of newbies.  If someone suggests something that doesn't align with popular opinion of the resident "experts", they are met with pretentious responses.  I have been treated again and again this way in my...
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    Mixing dry food with raw

    I get how it works. Meat = phosphorus resource, eggshell = calcium resource, and parts is simply a description of the ratio (2:1). If you want an amount, from the site:
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    Mixing dry food with raw Vet recommends 2:1 ratio for both dogs & cats.
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    feeding cats live prey

    /end thread. My interests in feeding my cat are aligned with providing a biologically appropriate diet.  My cat, while it retains certain biological characteristics of a wild cat, behaviorally, is not a wild animal.  Therefore I do not find it necesscary to feed live prey, which it would no...
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    Avidin (in eggwhites), blocks B Vitamins?

    The egg is essentially a perfect food so I would imagine that as a whole it is balanced. I have only ever fed raw egg yolks because the whites contain the avadin.  If you supplement B in larger quantities I wouldn't worry about it, but I don't see the point really of feeding whites when the...
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    Mixing dry food with raw

    The general ratio for calcium to phosphorus is 2:1 - so for every 1 part meat add 2 parts eggshell (or other calcium resource).
  7. What do you feed your cats on?

    What do you feed your cats on?

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    What do you feed your cats on?

    I use a towel for my dog (She even knows "Keep it on your mat") but for Toby, because his food (ground H-T mixes) is so wet (and it's important to me it stay wet) I use these rubbermaid square plates.  I like them because they're really shallow so food can be spread around, but have a lip on...
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  10. Do your cats have extra whiskers?

    Do your cats have extra whiskers?

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    Do your cats have extra whiskers?

    This is Toby - he's 12 weeks - looks like he has lots of whiskers (he is also polydactyl on all 4 paws) -- but not sure if kittens usually have more whiskers than adults?? They are very long...  He also has very long eye-brow whiskers!
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    Friendly touching

    What's "acceptable" and "friendly" is always going to be different depending on the individual.   What matters is how you felt. To me, it would seem unusual for this to occur -- even when I had to put former pets down, no-one ever touched me. It's risky business, in general, in America, for...
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    kitten born with bent paw

    This doesn't sound like a life-threatening defect but a vet visit will be good to rule out any possible complications arising from the bent paw. I had a cat that was born with a Level 4 heart murmur (Murmurs are graded on a scale from 1-6; I was told 6 is "pretty much dead") and was later...
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    This is a question to ask a vet, who no doubt have been pricked by needles before. You may want to consider seeing your doctor, too.
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    Weird household objects as toys

    Paper tubes from toilet paper rolls Lids to beer bottles/milk bottles Paper bags Paper boxes Hair scrunchies Balled up wax paper I don't do any kind of twine/string because I'm too afraid of him accidentally eating it.  
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    Please help me :-(

    Hi there, I had a cat who was diagnosed with feline alopecia.   He literally groomed himself down to baldness. It was thought to be caused by very stressful events.  Losing a companion cat, etc. Most cats can come back from this behavior, but need specialized attention and care.  The cone is...
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    Kinda new... Forgot to post an intro!

    Hi folks, A little about me (as a person) - I'm 27, female, work full time at a corporate job, graduating with my Master's in Management at the end of the month.  I live in Maine with my boyfriend of 4 years (we'll probably get married someday!) We have 3 animals: - Olive (2 yr old dog...
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    What breed is Josey?

    Verrrry sweet! Your cat's coat looks very soft! Where I am from we call these 'domestic medium hair' - like my cat! Probably somewhere up in his family tree is a long hair cat, maybe Ragdoll or Maine Coon ancestor!
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    NEW MEMBER- after good recipe for cats/kitten food ( roo&chic )

    Hi there, Congrats on seeking better diet for your furballs....   What are they currently eating?  Will they only eat dry?  Have your tried canned food? I know you are asking about cooked homemade diets, but since you posted in the raw feeding forum -- I'll encourage you to take a look at...