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  1. basscat

    Tiger King on Netflix?

    Anybody watching this? Those folks are nuttier than a fruitcake! :lol:
  2. basscat

    We had a "kegger" News Years Eve

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. basscat

    A Breed....or Not?

    Not information easily found on Google it seems. Is a bobcat a breed of cat? Or would they be referred to as a species?
  4. basscat

    Living With A Bobcat

    Mod Note. Some of these post have been moved from another thread. He's a Hybrid (cross between a Bobcat and a little shi*). Commonly known as a Bobturd. He's a little over 40lbs. :flail:
  5. basscat

    16 Boxes (some Of You Will Get It)

    You get up every mornin' and the sun never shine Head to the kitchen to feed them cats in time Ya scoop sixteen boxes of litter in a row And all you can think, is "Well, a-bless my soul" You scoop sixteen boxes and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't call...
  6. basscat

    "bit Off More Than You Can Chew" (meaning Of Phrase)

  7. basscat

    Housecat -vs- Bobcat

    Housecat Bobcat Any Questions? :lolup:
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    Hi Mom!

  9. basscat

    Very Hesitant To Even Ask....

    But, I feel I must. I'm not asking for anybody to donate anything more than JUST a signature. And, in my honest opinion, I really don't even know if signatures are going to make one bit of difference. BUT, what if they did? This is not for me. This is for a friend. Or rather, this is for her...
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    Kickers And Thumpers!

    Gibs isn't a cat. He's a funny looking rabbit. :lol: Lets see your Kickers and Thumpers!
  11. basscat

    Same Cat

    (show me your "Same Cat" pics!!) :yess: Same Cat
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  13. basscat

    Pets And Wildlife

    One would think....that by having a bobcat enclosure in their back yard, complete with bobcat litter box, loaded with bobcat scents, and heaven forbid a BOBCAT. That, wildlife might be scarce, cautious, flat out terrified to approach. But, I've come to realize........ NOT :lol: And I mean not...
  14. basscat

    Strange Allergy, Real Close To Feline Hyperesthesia?

    Buddy has bouts of Feline Hyperesthesia (rolling skin disease). The skin in his back will roll and he'll run around like his tail is on fire. Really hurts to watch. We get him, hold him, and after 30 minutes or so, he's back to normal. Doesn't happen often though. BUT, the strange case is...
  15. basscat

    For A Few Minutes Each Month....

    He's such a good boy. :lol:
  16. basscat

    New Camo Pattern?

    I'm not sure what to name this new camo pattern? :lol:
  17. basscat

    Fat Bob!

    I think that pretty much sums it up. :lol: (just found an old picture of "Bob" and thought I'd share).
  18. basscat

    Just Saw This. I Like!

    How to Make an Upcycled Kitty Playground
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