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  1. vball91

    Stray or Someone's Outside Cat?

    Background: for the past couple of months, I've been leaving a bowl of food outside on our back porch. My indoor cat has been so picky lately, and I hate throwing out perfectly good food. I figured since there are strays/outdoor kitties in our neighborhood, it wouldn't go to waste if I left it...
  2. vball91

    Stella and Chewy's Calcium and Phosphorus

    I know we've been talking about the Ca:P ratio, and some people were interested in some of the commercial cat foods. Here are the amounts for Stella and Chewy's. I've also sent out requests for Tiki Cat and Hound & Gatos (the other two commercial foods I feed). I will post those when/if I get...
  3. vball91

    Hairball problem

    Despite the fact that I've been giving Aria slippery elm bark and EITHER egg yolk lecithin OR a third of a raw egg yolk alternated daily (i.e. SEB, EYL, SEB, raw egg yolk, SEB, etc.) for the past 2 weeks, she hacked up a fairly large hairball Sunday morning and then another one this morning...
  4. vball91


    I'm not sure if Aria is slightly constipated or not. Ever since she's been on 100% raw, she's been pooping about every 3 days. She doesn't seem to be straining, but I'm not sure what to look for honestly. She goes in and does her business in usually less than a minute. I can see her bottom...
  5. vball91

    Raw vs. Canned Sardines

    I know a lot of us feed canned sardines (in water, no salt) once a week. I was wondering why raw sardines aren't fed. Is it an issue with thiaminase or a sourcing issue or something I haven't even considered? Are there any raw fish that are safe to feed at all? Just curious more than anything.
  6. vball91

    Raw vs. Cooked Egg?

    I'm having trouble getting Aria to eat raw egg yolks (tried many different ways), so I've tried cooking them (scrambled with dried shrimp topper mixed in works best), and that works much more reliably. I looked up the nutritional profiles for a raw egg vs. cooked, and I can see there are some...
  7. vball91

    Questions about Stella & Chewy's

    I've been testing a few of the non-fish flavors of S&C's small cat packages. She won't touch the Turkey. The Duck/Goose one is very hit or miss, but she will eat the chicken one pretty reliably, so I am considering buying a big package of the chicken. However, I read that it's a different...
  8. vball91

    Vomiting after a bowel movement?

    Quote: Originally Posted by GoHolistic Its interesting that he vomited twice in the litter box. Have you noticed if he did this right after a bowel movement? My IBD kitty will sometimes vomit a little clear liquid or foam after a bowel movement. Since everything is connected, the contractions...
  9. vball91

    BalanceIT supplements?

    So I've been having an email conversation with my current (possibly former) vet about raw feeding. Her stance is strictly AVMA - not recommended due to pathogen concerns and nutritional deficiencies, etc. She did however recommend which is a veterinary nutritional services site...
  10. vball91

    Blue mackerel tabby?

    I know from reading on this site that my Aria is a domestic shorthair. I think her markings are blue mackerel tabby? Is that correct? Another question I have is about her stripes. I could swear that when we first got her at a little under a year old, her stripes were much more defined than they...
  11. vball91

    Ash content and FLUTD

    So as I was doing some more reading on FLUTD, I came across this. Yes, it's the halopets site, but the article is written by a DVM and has this to say: "Recent research on iFLUTD and urinary crystals A one-year...
  12. vball91

    Raw diet equals less ammonia odor in pee?

    So as most of you know, I have been transitioning Aria to better canned/raw over the last month and a half. We're at about 80-90% raw now. I knew to expect less poop/less frequent pooping/more frequenting peeing. However, there also seems to be far less ammonia odor to her pee now. Is that...
  13. vball91

    A question about raw meat handling

    As I was chopping up and portioning meat for freezing, I had a random thought. I know everyone says pre-ground meat from the grocery store is a no-no due to the increased risk of bacteria. However, since it seems like most people follow the buy fresh and freeze for 3 days rule, wouldn't that...
  14. vball91

    Another Supplements question (well several actually...)

    I have noticed that a lot of you use supplements, and they do make sense to me. I'm just not sure how to integrate them during the transition to raw. I have ordered Wysong's Call of the Wild (which should arrive tomorrow, hooray), which I'm going to be using during the transition on her...
  15. vball91

    Need some help transitioning to Raw Feeding please

    Hi all, I would love some help transitioning my cat to raw feeding. To give you some background, her name is Aria, and she's about 7 years old. We adopted her when she was about 1 year old from my husband's mother who had taken her in as a stray, but Aria did not like the other 2 cats already in...
  16. vball91

    Hi! Just found this site and joined.

    I have a very pretty and affectionate cat named Aria whom I adopted about 6 years ago. I had a health scare with her around Christmas, and since then I've been doing a lot of research on cats. I would like to gradually transition her to a raw diet. She eats mostly canned now and am switching her...