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    Possible FHV?

    Yes I did check her and she passed with flying colors. In fact she drinks the most water of all the cats. With her the water bowl is nearly empty every morning. Before she came here my other 3 hardly touched the water bowl, I often wondered if they even drank water lol but they most likely...
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    Possible FHV?

    It is breaths per minute. I work in the medical field so I was instantly alarmed of her rapid breathing. I did a breath count at different times and she always averaged around 120 breaths per minute. But the fact that she appears just fine is baffling. I read that such a high bpm could be...
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    Possible FHV?

    This morning I noticed my young cat who came to us as a stray 4-5 weeks ago, is pregnant, and is an outdoor/indoor cat developed a fever blister on her bottom lip with a puffy chin. I also noticed recently she has consistent tachypnea. The normal range is 15-30 bpm and I counted hers at 120bpm...
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    Collar Sores Remedies?

    Maybe keep the collar off until she is fully healed. Maybe you’re aggravating her skin by putting stuff on it. Just let it be exposed to air and heal naturally.
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    Help with gender please!!

    I am also thinking 2 girls. They both have the vertical slit just below the anus. In a male, their boy part is further below the anus and there’s no vertical slit.
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    Help I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my cat anymore!

    If I’ve learned anything from raising cats my entire life is that you can’t make a cat do anything! Cats are not like dogs who can be trained and who know when they’ve disappointed you. I learned the hard way that using punishment on a cat only backfires on you. I have a male cat that I’ve had...
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    Boy or girl kitten?

    Definitely a girl.