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  1. mrw5641

    Allergy meds

    Hi all! Anyone have any luck with antihistamine? Which one worked better than another vs. which one didn't work at all? I have gone back and forth with zrytec and claratin but I have no idea if it's working or not.
  2. mrw5641

    Weight Management Foods

    Hi. I'm wondering how weight management formula works in cats? It seems it is lower in calories but higher in carbs than the food I am giving him now. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT LAMB N&D Quinoa Functional Feline
  3. mrw5641

    Atopica questions

    I started looking at Atopica for my allergic cat, and I was wondering based on personal experience if your cat had any side effects from the medication? If they did, did the side effects resolve? Thanks!
  4. mrw5641

    Walking outside

    Hi all! I started taking my cat outside once a day when the weather permits. I was wondering who else takes there cat out, how many times per day and duration? More for people who take there kitty on a leash
  5. mrw5641

    High protein diet + weight loss

    Hi all! Is a high protein (Dry) diet good for cats to lose weight? E.g. I saw a food online, and it was 625 k/cals per cup, but my cat would probably get about 1/4 cup per day... It doesn't seem like a lot of food
  6. mrw5641

    super picky cat

    Hi all Anyone have a problem where they constantly have to switch there dry foods every few weeks or so?
  7. mrw5641

    Kibble addict question

    Hi all! I have been trying to feed my cat more wet food and I just don't think I'm doing it right. Today for example: 7 am I gave him a scoop of wet, I took it away at 8 then gave him kibble at 9 am and left the kibble out still. What is the best way to do this? Do I leave the wet food out...
  8. mrw5641


    For people who feed there cat every 12 hours do they ever vomit? I have been trying to feed my cat less times, and I noticed when I feed him in the morning he will throw up, I have tried a slow feeder but he won't eat at it.
  9. mrw5641


    Hi all! I was doing a little reading and I see that some people say by-products are bad, some say by-products are good,, what is the deal? I did email my vet and ask to see what he thinks. I have been trying to my cat to lose weight and I have been avoiding meat-by-products, but he isn't eating...
  10. mrw5641

    What are you feeding your cat?

    Hi all! Trying to get some ideas. What are you feeding your cat(s) dry and wet food brand / flavors that they seem to not be able to resist?
  11. mrw5641

    Freeze Dried Raw

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has been given they cat freeze dried raw? Is it expensive? What has been your experience? How long does a bag last? My cat can stand to lose a bit of weight and according to Stella & Chewy's there food 1 CUP only has 2% of carbs if fed wet. vs. 5% if fed dry...
  12. mrw5641

    One fast cat

    Hi all! I got my kitty one fast cat and I was wondering if anyone else here has it? I am kind of looking for tips on how long my cat should use it a day to see results?
  13. mrw5641

    Very picky pain in the cat

    My cat was on prescription diet for 2 years (HP/ZD/PR/PV) and we finally at the vets direction started giving him regular food again... However, I have tried numerous WET brands of food (Hound & Gatos, Weruva, Lotus, TikiCat, Stella, Nulo) and he is turning his face up to everything.. He may eat...
  14. mrw5641

    Tips for

    Hi all At my wit's end here with my kitty. We are on a food trial stage where he can eat any flavor and any brand and I am having so much trouble finding what he likes, he eats a little like he likes it then walks away. I spent more than enough money on food (Nulo, weruva, tiki, Stella's (all...
  15. mrw5641

    Getting my cat to play to lose weight

    Hi all, I have tried everything to get my cat to play / run around to lose some weight. I bought tons of toys, he will swat but very rarely he will run around after a toy. I am at my wits end! We are going to start taking him for walks this weekend which I think will help. Any one have any...
  16. mrw5641


    Hi all! Does anyone have better experience with Zyrtec or Claritin for giving there cat whom has allergies?
  17. mrw5641

    Favorite toy

    What is your cats favorite house hold toy or store bought toy? Just looking for ideas from personal experience
  18. mrw5641

    How much does your cat eat in one sitting?

    Hi all Instead of using the automatic feeder, I gave my cat his 4 TBSP's of dry food and when he finishes that I will give him some wet food. Does your cat usually eat them right away or kind of nibble at it and go back and forth?
  19. mrw5641

    Exercise Question

    Hi all, I setup two boxes, one in the hallway, and one into the bedroom to make my cat have to jump over both boxes. Is there like an x number of times I should have him jump both boxes? Is jumping over boxes good exercise? Is there like a "gold" standard?
  20. mrw5641

    Help figuring out k/cals per tbsp

    Hi there! Never had a large can of cat food before, but 12.5 oz is 386 k/cals and I am trying to figure out how many k/cals per tablespoon? What I thought and calculated is wrong Any suggestions or ideas?