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    Tidy Cat Small Spaces -- anyone tried it yet?

    There's a new product called "Tidy Cat Small Spaces" designed for people who have cats but live in apartments. Anyone give it a try yet? I've been alternating between Arm & Hammer and Tidy Cat (regular clumping varieties), so I decided to give...
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    Is this considered drinking a lot of water?

    I recently bought a Drinkwell fountain and unless there is another way the fountain empties itself, it seems Nano is drinking 20 oz of water on a daily basis. I start off with a full fountain and then add a full 16.9 bottle of filtered water each day (full bottle = 16.9 oz, 500 mL) and...
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    Cats who encourage you to sleep and don't wake you up

    Lots of people ask how to get their cats to calm down so they can sleep through the night. They claim they barely get any rest. Does anyone have the opposite problem? Nano prompts me to go to sleep on a somewhat regular basis. If I am working late at the computer, she'll give me the "follow...
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    How many distinct sounds can your cat make?

    How many different noises have you heard your cat make over the years? And how many of those sounds do they make on a daily basis? And yet another question: If you have multiple cats, about how many sounds will they only make to another cat but not towards you?
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    What did your cats think of the fireworks? (light-hearted)

    What did your cats think of all the 4th of July fireworks? Nano is extremely wary of any heavy thunderstorms, so I expected her to be "on guard" when the fireworks starting going off. There is a football field behind the building and Nano could see a fireworks display out the window from her...
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    Review: Zoom Groom

    I'd heard about "Zoom Groom" here on the boards and let me share my approval for this product. Zoom Groom (by Kong Company) is a large plastic brush that can be used to groom your cat. Here is a picture: The packaging claims "Ecstasy" and I'd...
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    Quick and casual ways to finance spay/neuter and basic cat expenses

    There are always people who say they want to get their cats S/N'd but lack the money or are experiencing financial difficulties or so forth. The reality is that some of these posters are irresponsible types who just want to make excuses. But I really think a good number of them are legitimate...
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    Is your cat a literary critic? (light-hearted)

    Does your cat like to play with books? I like to buy second-hand paperbacks at the local used bookstore. A couple months ago I came home with a dozen or so and left them on the kitchen counter. Nano took it upon herself to sort them out for me, one-by-one kicking them onto the floor while I...
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    How many mamacats die while delivering?

    This is just curiosity only -- But I can't find any statistics through the internet. Can anyone say how many pregnant female cats die while trying to deliver a litter of kittens? Is there any breakdown by age of mamacat? Or whether it is (a) a controlled breeding, (b) a tame/household...
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    Increased aggression from Nano

    As a quick recap, I rescued Nano when she was near death and it has been a long recovery where things are still evolving. She had lived on the streets for a very long time and is best described as semi-feral. We've been together for almost six months. Nano is a large adult female, 6-8 years...
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    Why do cats give "gifts" to their human owners?

    We were talking in a separate thread and the question came up: What makes a cat present their owner with a gift? Last time she escaped for a brief jaunt outside, Nano brought me back a mouse carcass and presented me with this "gift". Beckiboo said that Spot gave her husband a mouse nearly...
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    Review: Kitty Window Perch (FYI only)

    Nano has been sleeping on the corner of my bed for the last few months. She would position herself on the edge so she can "stand guard" and look out the window into the backyard area. While this was fine, things started getting I decided to get Nano a window perch. I bought...
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    Predicting which cats make good hunters?

    This is sort of related to my recent thread about alpha cats... For the experienced people, how can you predict if a cat will be a good hunter? Can you observe how they play as kittens, perhaps see them develop their stalking instinct, and know they will grow up to be capable hunters? Is it...
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    Is your cat fat or skinny? (Let's quantify!)

    Let's try to quantify the weight of our cats by using this chart: Pick the number that best describes the weight of your cat(s). Use multiple answers if you have more than one cat. I'll start it off. Nano is a 6!
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    Do you "free feed" your cats?

    This is just a survey poll for general information. By free feed, I mean that a bowl of food is always available and filled up regularly. By scheduled meal, I mean a bowl of food is provided and then picked up later (so food is only available during certain times -- not a continuous supply).
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    "Alpha" cat survey?

    I have some opinion questions for people who are familiar with alpha cats. Most answers will be anecdotal but please give links if there were actual studies. 1. What percentage of cats do you think would be classified as alpha cats? (For instance, strong enough to exert themselves over a...
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    What do people think of "Pet-Ease"?

    The label says it helps ease stress of travel, boarding or grooming. The ingredients are: Dried whey, gelatin, brewers dried yeast, cellulose, dried hops, chamomile, ginger, magnesium stearate, taurine, magnesium silicate and tryptophan. I recognize "tryptophan" as what makes humans sleepy...
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    Ridiculously big signatures?

    Some people are starting to have huge pictures in their signature area. Look at the fourth post in this thread for an example: This hurts people like me who connect here through a modem. Small pictures are okay but if people want these...
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    Which water fountain Nano would like best?

    I've read a lot of the water fountain threads so I know the general comments...but which would be best specifically for cats like Nano? She does not drink stagnant water out of a bowl. If she does anything, she nudges the bowl and then dips her paw into the rippling water. The water must be...
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    What "special treats" (snacks) do you give your cats?

    What kind of "special treats" do you give your cats? I am looking for ideas and suggestions. So far I have just been getting by using freebies and samples. Nano's favorite so far seems to be Whisker Lickin's that I get for free when I buy 20 lbs of Tidy Cat. It is the Crunchy Chicken & Liver...