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  1. UnoMama

    Mucus in cats

    I've a cat that's susceptible to feline flu, and he always gets pretty bad mucus along with the flu. My vet usually prescribes anti-mucus (mucolytics I think they're called?) pills which thin out the mucus and help get rid of it, and antibiotics deal with the actual flu virus. Maybe something...
  2. UnoMama

    cat mites

    Revolution plus (or any similar topical treatment) that gets rid of all fleas, lice, mites in one go. Follow up with medicated shampoo. question: are you sure they’re mites and not fleas or lice?Asking because lice eggs and newborn lice may look similar?
  3. UnoMama

    Kitty litter behaviour problems

    A year is a long time! ... and considering you've tried everything else, it does seem that the issue with her bowels might be it. The best person to confirm this would be your vet. She's only pooping on the floor, but peeing normally in the litter box? 2-3 litter boxes, in different spots of...
  4. UnoMama

    Did playtime go too far? Or is this something more serious I should be worried about?

    Thanks so much for the reassurance @Jcatbird I do think they were playing ...because neither of them so much as hissed, let alone holler or run for cover. This is a good point. I think Uno has been lower on energy because of the flu and bandit is super high energy as usual, and not getting...
  5. UnoMama

    Did playtime go too far? Or is this something more serious I should be worried about?

    Hello Cat-siters My two kittens Uno (white), and Bandit (tuxedo) are roughly the same age (6 months) Uno was a single kitten till 1 June when we got bandit. Introductions went fairly well apart from some hissing, and they eventually bonded quite well - Uno began to groom bandit, and they...
  6. UnoMama


    My paintings because I haven't figured out where I want them (or if I do, for now)
  7. UnoMama

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    So true ... #sigh. The flower fountain was a lucky first try .... I had such a time figuring out what kind of 'bed' / cushion my kitties would deign to sleep on.
  8. UnoMama

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    Agree with this - Catit's flower fountain is really good, and pretty economical I think. I had to leave it running quietly in a corner for a few days before I saw Uno drink from it, but he's been comfortable since.
  9. UnoMama

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    Some cats love having running water as a water source (evolutionary instinct - running water is likely to be fresh vs. still water). Leaving the tap running is no solution at all though - are you able to purchase a water fountain for your cat? they're usually not too expensive, and solve the...
  10. UnoMama

    People with rescue kitties: are you still in contact with their fosters?

    It’s early days, but yes I’m in touch with bandits foster mom. She genuinely loved him and is happy to get pictures and updates. I do plan on sending her them as long as I can
  11. UnoMama

    5-6 Week Old Stray

    Oh and if giving her dry food … make sure it’s soaked in water. This is also a good way of ensuring some water intake, and she’s too young to chew the dry food right now anyway
  12. UnoMama

    One Has To Go.....Sandwiches!

    Tomatoes or eggs can go. This was surprisingly easy
  13. UnoMama

    Roommate wants Terra the Cat to “relearn” to use litter box

    Locking her in your room isn't going to help her 're-learn' anything and she will have no idea of why she's being punished anyway. Get your roommate to get his laundry off the floor - humans have to adjust their ways to animals too, it's not only up to the animals to do all the 'learning' and...
  14. UnoMama

    5-6 Week Old Stray

    I got Uno off the streets at the same age ~6 weeks and he was pretty malnourished too. You're doing well. Keep in mind it's a strange new environment, it might be that she takes a day or two to get used to food and water bowls and starts using them a bit more regularly (the water specially)...
  15. UnoMama

    Ear mites or just dirty?

    My Uno came from the streets, and had a much worse case of mites - this looks like it's the start of ear mites (uno's ears looked like this after a few cleanings) so hopefully you've caught it just in time. agree with what @tabbytom has said. In addition to having the vet do a cleaning, ask if...
  16. UnoMama

    When to get new cat

    I love them!!! Burrito her all you need ... I had to do that all the time with Uno, to give him his meds. Your older cat will get around to bonding with her new companion in time. Don't rush it ... and TRY not to let them get into an actual fight. Separate them before they start fighting if...
  17. UnoMama

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Yup Yup ... he's my new baby :) Came fully decked out in tuxedo, with a tie (chin) and socks!
  18. UnoMama

    When to get new cat

    While there’s no rules on when is the ‘right’ time to get another cat, it’s usually the case that younger cats adjust easier to having a new playmate and companion. The older the cat, the higher the chance of them being territorial or resenting any change to their established way of life. If...
  19. UnoMama

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Uno and Bandit. One week into meeting each other and they can’t stop chasing around the house! This is a rare moment when they were still enough to actually be photographed.
  20. UnoMama

    Hi Everyone, meet Uno and Dos

    Hehehe ... he DOES look like a little bandit doesn't he! he's got the mask on his face too :D Say hi to your Bandit from us ...:dancingblackcat: