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    Cats gum is lined red

    Hi! So my cat has had problems with throwing up and loose stool. Recently it's gotten better but I've noticed that her gums are lined red. She is only 1 years old. I have spent so much money on her! Do I have to bring her to the vet for this? I have recently started brushing her teeth and giving...
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    Lip Ulcers?!

    Hi, I need some help with my cat, Ruby. When she was about five months old she developed her first mouth ulcer but I didn't take her to the vet for it that time and it went away within a week. On 3/27 she developed another mouth ulcer but then on 3/30 she had a really scary throwing up episode...
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    Cat cyst

    Hi! This is my cat ruby and she's had a swollen lip for almost a month now. I have attatched two photos- the puss filled one was when it first appeared and the one that looks more reddish was taken this morning. She has been having problems with constantly throwing up and soft stools so me and...
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    Cat Cyst, Cat's bottom lip swollen??

    My cat woke up with this on her lip. She is also extremely itchy, yawning excessively, and licking/smacking lips. Might not be related but this was her first week of eating Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit. On Royal Canin she was regurgitating and on American journey she had soft...