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  1. abyeb

    Happy Adoption Day, Charlie!

    Today is Charlie’s Adoption Day! 9 years ago today, I brought Charlie home from the shelter. We both knew right away that it was a purrfect match! :hearthrob: :lovecat: Charlie’s first day home: Today:
  2. abyeb

    Charlie Watching The World Cup

    Charlie was fascinated by the game today. He actually sat still for ten minutes watching the end of the game, which is an unusually long time for him. :lol: I think he found the movement on the screen interesting. Anyone else’s kitties like watching sports? Or TV in general? I’d love to...
  3. abyeb

    Vomiting And Diarrhea- No Other Symptoms

    Charlie has been doing well all day- he played enthusiastically this morning with his new toy and enjoyed watching the birds in the garden as usual. I went out for an hour, and when I came back I noticed that Charlie had vomited on the rug. I know for sure it wasn’t a hairball. From the looks of...
  4. abyeb

    Problems Changing Status

    I've been having problems with this since October, but wanted to wait to see if it would resolve itself before I bothered anyone. I used to change my status on my profile page often, usually for feline-related national days. But now when I try to update my status, the place to do so isn’t there...
  5. abyeb

    What Are Your Favorite Cfa Or Tica Unrecognized Breeds?

    I'm curious: what are some breeds that aren't currently recognized in CFA or TICA that you wish were? For me, it would be the Arabian Mau. I just think they're such a beautiful natural breed! From what I've read, they have great "purrsonalities" too! WCF recognized them back in 2008, and...
  6. abyeb

    Dream Cat Trees

    If you could get your kitties any cat tree (imagining cost and space are no constraint), which one would you choose? This one is Charlie's dream playground: Cool Cat Tree Plans: A Cat Tree Hamster Wheel?
  7. abyeb

    Sand Cat Kittens Filmed In The Wild For The First Time!

    Just in case some of you guys would be interested in some big news about our cats' (smaller) wild cousins! :) Sand kittens captured on video for the first time WATCH: Mind-Blowingly Cute Sand Kittens Filmed in the Wild for the First Time
  8. abyeb

    Anyone Watching The Eclipse (aug 21)?

    Where I live, there's not much of the eclipse to be seen, so I'll be driving a few hours to get to the line of totality. Is anyone else going to be able to see the eclipse?
  9. abyeb

    How High Can Your Cat Jump?

    I know it varies a little bit from cat to cat, so I'll be really curious to see how high TCS cats can jump. Charlie can jump from the ground to a perch that's about 6 feet high.
  10. abyeb

    How To Clean Eye Gunk (without Being Clawed To Shreds)?

    I noticed today that Charlie appears to have some crust by his eye. I attached a picture to show this. I tried wiping it off with a damp kleenex, but whenever I got close to his eye, Charlie tried to bite or scratch me, probably because he got nervous (with me being so close to his face). I was...
  11. abyeb

    Free Feeding Grazing Shelter Cats- Is This Behavior Common?

    I wasn't quite sure if I should post this in the behavior or nutrition forum- I'm so sorry if I posted in the wrong place and if I caused any inconvenience. I also apologize for the somewhat confusing title, I'm just very curious about something I've seen among the cats at the local no-kill...
  12. abyeb

    Cat Weight Gain After Human Travels

    I had to be out of town for two weeks due to a family reunion. I had a professional pet sitter stop in twice a day to check on Charlie to feed him, scoop his litterbox, and play with him. Yet, when I got back just now, I noticed that it appeared that Charlie had gained some weight. When I played...
  13. abyeb

    What's Your Favorite Cat Video?

    One of my purrsonal favorites is this one: Mainly because they were able to train all the cats to use carts, and also the set was adorable. You can see the making-of here: (Side note: They do reference the cats-and-cucumbers thing... please don't do that to your kitties, it's very stressful...
  14. abyeb

    Cat Magazines?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have subscriptions to cat magazines. I'm currently getting Catster, and I love it! Are there any other cat magazines that you would reccommend? Thanks!!
  15. abyeb

    Cat Paw Pads That Look Like Beans

    I affectionately call Charlie's paw pads "jelly beans"... I just think they're so cute! Post pictures of your cat's paw pads here!
  16. abyeb

    Tips For A New Shelter Volunteer?

    I just came back from my first volunteer session at a local no-kill shelter, and I have kind of a silly question. A lot of cats who are there were born as feral kittens, then socialized at the shelter and adopted out. Some of the cats have been there a while, and are already a year or two old...
  17. abyeb

    The Kitty Convict Project

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here had heard of the Kitty Convict Project, and what you guys think of it. The idea is that orange collars are the universal symbol for an indoor-only cat, so that if someone sees a cat with an orange collar outside, that means they're lost instead of...
  18. abyeb

    Therapy Cats Can't Be Fed Raw?

    First of all, I apologize in advance if my question turns out to be trivial, I don't know very much about cat nutrition or raw feeding. I was looking through the online Catster articles when I came across one about therapy cats. Not that I thought Charlie could be certified (he doesn't like...
  19. abyeb

    Question About A Feral Cat

    This is my first experience with TNR so please bear with me and forgive my ignorance... :oops: When I was walking around my neighborhood yesterday, I saw a small (guessing about 8 lbs) chestnut-colored cat, sitting in a crouched position. Upon seeing me, the cat darted away, at which point I...
  20. abyeb

    Being Reviewed Question About Titles

    Hello TCS staff, I apologize for interrupting in this way, but it appears that title on TCS has changed- I have been an Alpha Cat for a while now, including after the new format switched from "member, well-known member, etc.," back to the old system. However, when I logged in this morning, my...