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  1. zohdee

    Look at my flooger Mama!

    Hard to believe she was emaciated and HW+ a few months ago.
  2. zohdee

    Boomin Lumen

    My rescue pup is doing fantastic!  She has gained so much muscle that she can now pull me over playing tug of war.  Quite different from the pup who could hardly stand when I adopted her.   She is smiling with all her balls and toys around her. Her before
  3. zohdee

    Foster Failure

    There was a dog in animal control who is/was in dire need of TLC.  I am pulling her for a rescue but think I will be a foster failure.  I will never understand how people can treat their animals like this. Her new name is going to be Lumen.  She has been nothing more than a breeding machine to...
  4. zohdee


    I absolutely love my kitties but I have also fell head over heels in love with doggies.  I have adopted two rescues.  The above is my Lucy.  She is my soul doggie.  She doesn't look it in her picture, but she is 100+ pounds of doggie love...for me.  She still struggles with men.  She was...
  5. zohdee

    Like one Giant Breed wasn't enough

    Introducing LUCY!! I have been looking for a friend for Fiona for quite some time.  Last week I adopted Lucy from the dog pound.  She is a real love bug but does have some security issues.  She is a fear growler.  She wouldn't hurt a flea but when she is afraid she growls.  She is 90...
  6. zohdee

    Little Miss Fiona

    Some new pictures of my baby.  She has gotten so BIG! .
  7. zohdee


    Here is my puppy Newfie, Fiona!
  8. zohdee

    Lion King Musical

    Has anyone seen this? I was able to get third row back from stage, isle seats.  I have been wanting to see this for years and now it is coming back to Cleveland.  I am sure I will cry through the whole thing.
  9. zohdee

    Karma is a funny thing

    Do you ever notice how your life can be really crappy for a long time then things just fall into place?  I think I posted about Orange Kitty getting neutered and when picking him up from the vet was told he has gum disease and needs to have his teeth pulled.  They are causing him pain.  I was...
  10. zohdee


    I took in Orange Kitty and prior to surgery kept him in the bathroom until he got neutered.  He has taken quite a liking to sleeping in the bathtub.  I have the door open but he has shown no desire to leave the tub.  I am hoping it is just a recovery issue from his surgery.
  11. zohdee

    Deep mats

    I am having the semi-feral cat that has been around my home neutered in a week.  He has some deep mats in his fur and it has to be uncomfortable for him.  I am taking him to a mobile spay/neuter clinic so when he gets home, he will be sedated.  He is a short hair cat but with very thick fur.  I...
  12. zohdee

    Feline Adoption Specialist

    I have the wonderful opportunity to help with the adoption of kitties.  I have tried other shelters and have always been given a dog.  I guess very few places want the hassle of cages and such for cats.  I found one.  I start my training next week.  It will be on the job training.  I honestly...
  13. zohdee

    Non-disclosure agreements

    My workplace has given all of the employees a non-compete/non disclosure contract.  Basically it states that if separated by any means, the employee cannot obtain employment in the field they are working at for a period of two years.  I take that as if someone is laid off they cannot gain...
  14. zohdee


    I need some help in re-homing some raccoons.  At first it started as one getting into our trash but apparently it was a female and now we have three additional babies.  I can't leave the windows down in my car because they have climbed in there looking for food.  Every day I pick up the garbage...
  15. zohdee

    Should I call someone and if so...whom?

    I am really upset right now.  There is a farm behind our house that has dairy cattle.  Most are females who are pregnant.  When I got home from work my daughter told me there was a cow stuck at the farm.  I went back and through the fence I saw the cow laying on its side with one leg up.  Not...
  16. zohdee

    Hello spring...err Summer

    Today, on the last day of "winter" NE Ohio was at an all time high.  On my way home I hit a range of temps from 77 to 82.  I just hope we don't have some sort of bad freeze during the rest of March or April. 
  17. zohdee

    RIP Steve Jobs

    He passed today. Like Apple or not he had a HUGE influence over the technology front. He will be missed. Rip
  18. zohdee

    Frank and Louie

    If this has been posted, my apologies. I heard about this today and it brought a smile to my face. Marty Stevens is such a great cat owner!
  19. zohdee


    I want to make one this year but don't have a creative bone in my body. I found a picture of this one that I REALLY like: I want to start on her next weekend. I think one like that would be really pretty. Should I carve the pumpkin then put it on a stake? How to keep it from rotting...
  20. zohdee


    Does anyone have or know someone who has this breed? I am 99.9% sure I will be buying one in the near future. I have done my research and know what I am in for. Drool, enough fur twice a year to knit a sweater, health issues but I just love this breed of dog. I would like to know how easy...