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  1. GoldyCat

    New HHP show cat (kitten)

    I took my new kitten to his first show and he did great. 21 Household pets present and in his first ring he got Best Cat! :cheerleader: He ended up making 6 out of 8 finals. Two Bests, three 3rds, and one 6th place. Of course I was too busy watching him play with the judges and forgot to...
  2. GoldyCat

    Shareena 4/7/2007-4/7/2019

    I wanted a kitten or cat for as long as I can remember. I never got to have one when I was growing up, and then when I was out on my own I was doing so much traveling I thought it wouldn't be fair to a kitty. Twelve years ago I decided I was going to get a kitty anyway. I found an ad in the...
  3. GoldyCat

    Grand Premier Yavapai's Merlin

    My 9 year old abyssinian earned his Grand Premier title at the Superstition show this weekend. The great thing about it is that this is my club's show, so the whole club got to celebrate.
  4. GoldyCat

    Getting A New Kitten To Show

    I have a 9 year old ruddy abyssinian who is showing as a Veteran in CFA now. I've been looking for a show quality red aby girl for several years. After a couple of near misses I'm finally getting my little girl. I won't get her until mid-June when she's 16 weeks old, but I'm already planning...
  5. GoldyCat

    Being Reviewed Problems Using Bb Code Editor

    It appears that the Rich Text Editor is the default now. I really, really, really don't like Rich Text and use it only when there is no other option. There is an option to change to BB Code Editor, but when I do that I lose all the symbols at the top of the message box. I'm attaching screen...
  6. GoldyCat

    Resolved Can't Edit My Profile

    Several things got messed up in my profile in the move, including my signature. I can't find any way to edit anything in the profile. Is this a general problem or just a glitch in my account?
  7. GoldyCat

    Happy Birthday Merlin! My 8 year old baby

    My miracle kitty. I almost lost him 2-1/2 years ago but he's back to being healthy and happy and still thinks he's a kitten. Apologies for the quality of the picture. I took it with my phone because he wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get my good camera out.
  8. GoldyCat

    Need help choosing an entry for Picture of the Month contest

    The July PoM theme is Chill Out and Relax. I have way too many pictures of relaxed kitties and need help narrowing it down to just one entry. 1. Hercules sacked out in the biggest bed in the house 2. Cali imitating a pretzel 3. Iris, Lion, Cali 4. Kitten gridlock 5. Lion sleeping with...
  9. GoldyCat

    VOTE NOW - September Picture of the Month - Photobombs, Bloopers and Oopsies!

    Time to vote! Once again it's going to be tough! We each get five votes. Please don't check more than five and please cast all five votes at once (once you hit submit, you can't add votes even if you checked fewer than five boxes). Voting ends on the 27th of September at midnight Pacific Time...
  10. GoldyCat

    Photobombs, Bloopers and Oopsies! Picture of the Month September 2015

    Photographing cats is almost always a challenge. Ever tried to get a close-up shot and ended up with one of your cat's face headbutting the camera? Then again, try to photograph something else, and there's an excellent chance of a cat photobombing the picture by showing up in it, entirely...
  11. GoldyCat

    VOTE NOW - August Picture of the Month - Trump Your Cat

    It's time to vote!! I know, it was a tough assignment and it's going to be even harder to choose your favorite! We each have THREE votes. Please don't check more than three and please cast all three votes at once (once you hit submit, you can't add votes even if you checked fewer than three...
  12. GoldyCat

    Help me Pick a Paws Pic for PoM

    Sorry about the title. I couldn't help myself. ;) I'm having a hard time narrowing down my choices for the Picture of the Month competition with a theme of cat paws. Please vote on your favorite of these five and/or let me know what you think. Thanks. 1) Iris toes peeking out 2) Goldy...
  13. GoldyCat

    How do you know when to change crystal litter?

    I was traveling with a friend recently and she brought crystal litter to use in the hotel room. The kitties really like it, and I like that there's no dust. I'd like to try it for my cats at home but have questions about exactly how it works. I know the urine is absorbed into the crystals and...
  14. GoldyCat

    Need help choosing a "Funny Face" picture

    This month's photo contest is a tough one, partly because I have so many pictures of my cats making funny faces. I've narrowed it down to a few but need help with the final decision. #1 Shareena--It's my box and I'll eat it if I want to #2 Goldy--I know she's planning something, not sure I...
  15. GoldyCat

    Foster kittens--bottle feeding babies now 8 weeks old

    I've been fostering two kittens for the last 7 weeks. I got them when they were about 4 days old, so lots of bottle feeding. First night. Dark bed, black socks filled with warmed rice. Oh, and two black kittens in there somewhere. 10 days old 12 days old First attempt at eating . . ...
  16. GoldyCat

    Help--New bottle feeding fosters

    Some friends of a friend just dropped off two kittens they found under a modular storage building. They said there was no sign of other kittens or a mother. It's getting pretty cold at night now, so they didn't want to leave them. They can't take the kittens home with them because they...
  17. GoldyCat

    What's in Your Junk Drawer?

    Let's revive a fun game we had in the Lounge a few years ago. Everybody has a junk drawer, right? Rules: 1. Name an object that is in your junk drawer. It has to be real, not something you think should be there or would funny if you had it there. 2. Go in alphabetical order. First person...
  18. GoldyCat


    At 1:20 AM last night I heard a lot of banging and what sounded like furniture being slid across the floor, but no yowling. So I got up to see what was going on and found 4 or 5 kitties with poofy tails pointing at the front door. (I lock to security screen and keep the front door open at...
  19. GoldyCat

    How can you tell when your cat is relaxed?--Post your pictures here

    This is what I saw when I walked past the couch. Hercules was cooperative enough to hold the position while I went to get my camera. :lol3: So how do your cats relax? Post your pictures here.
  20. GoldyCat

    Meet Gandalf the Mostly White

    Wow! My youngest cats are 6 years old and I had forgotten how much energy a kitten has. About the only time he's still is when he's sleeping, so this is what most of my pictures look like. Using flash stops the action sometimes Eating with the big guy, Hercules. I missed the shot when...