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  1. sivyaleah

    Buy a Maine Coon

    That site has generalized info on it. FYI also the photos are stolen - no credit given. Most are from a well known cat breeder/photographer Robert Sijka. I know his style and cats since I've been following him for years.
  2. sivyaleah

    Question of The Day. Saturday 19th of June.

    Totally vaccinated from Covid. I did ok with it both times except on the 8th day each time, I had excruciating exhaustion and muscle aches so bad I couldn't work those days. One of my doctors said that there have been reports of delayed reactions so wasn't surprised to hear about my experience...
  3. sivyaleah

    What color will my kitten be?

    Solid black is my guess also. Our black one also had those ghost tabby markings that have pretty much disappeared though in the right light I can still see a faint "M" on her forehead and striping on her legs.
  4. sivyaleah

    What color is my kitten?

    Looks like a black cat to me also. Maybe fever coat? I agree about her stomach too. Have you had her vetted yet?
  5. sivyaleah

    Question of the Day - Monday, June 14, 2021

    3rd time was the charm for me. 1st one, I was totally not prepared - failed parallel parking and can't remember the other one. 2nd time, I actually was sick but wanted to go anyway. I failed on parallel parking (which I failed the 1st time, and still can't do well) and...attention! That was...
  6. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    I'm so sorry to hear he's still ill, but maybe he will pull through. He sounds like he has a fighting spirit. Contacting TICA was a great idea. Please continue to update us if you feel up to it.
  7. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    Any updates @coteenkaph ?
  8. sivyaleah

    Russian Blue or Chartreux?

    Domestic blue short hair. Lots of shelters and rescues tend to use pedigree breed names for domestic cats due to a combination of not knowing what constitutes a specific pedigreed cat plus it helps get them adopted faster. Cute kitten regardless!
  9. sivyaleah

    Persian breeders?

    @LTS3 re: Price. Yes, can depend on breed/location. I personally haven't seen any under $1000 but even $750 is a lot more than a BYB would charge
  10. sivyaleah

    eye problem

    One should never use human medications of any type on a pet, unless a doctor specifically prescribes it. Many are not appropriate for pets and one never would know the correct dosage for size/weight even if it is. I personally do not like using any products which are not medically proven to...
  11. sivyaleah

    Persian breeders?

    All purebred cats regardless of breed will be pricey. Starting around $1000 and upwards from there. Anything less and more likely than not you're dealing with a backyard breeder or one who is just looking to turn a profit and therefore, you are risking health and behavior issues. @posiepurrs...
  12. sivyaleah

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    All of my cats have been ok with this one. I've tried others (a different CatIt included) and the Flower model is quiet, has a good water stream and isn't difficult to clean (though, wish it was dishwasher friendly).
  13. sivyaleah

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    We have this problem too LOL When home, I humor her and will turn on the faucet a few times a day, like when I go upstairs. So 2-3 times a day she is allowed to drink from the bathroom faucet (all others, are a no go. Powder room sink to small for her to even fit up on and I absolutely do not...
  14. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    The "breeder" is throwing guilt at you. This is medically incorrect. Virus borne illnesses take a few days to show up once infected. Hence why we quarantine new feline residents - to give a proper amount of time when an illness could show up. Usually if it passes 7 days you are pretty much in...
  15. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    I am now somewhat confused about something. I noticed you've posted a lot lately about the health of several other cats that you have. Could it possibly be that the new kitten got infected by something your current cats are passing around?
  16. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    Poor baby! Is there an emergency vet anywhere in driving distance? If not, Facebook has a great cat health group where vets dedicate their time to answering questions posted. They can't get to everyone but maybe you'll get lucky and get some advice on how to care for your little one until you...
  17. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    @coteenkaph Sounds like he has a cold of some sort; viral or bacterial your vet will be able to advise and on course of treatment. It certainly isn't normal for any cat to have noisy, deep breathing let alone a kitten. As for reporting, I'd think you could look on the TICA site and see if...
  18. sivyaleah

    Kitten Ripped Spay Stitch?

    The area looks normal to my eyes. FYI the bouncing around after she came home is just a reaction to clearing the anesthesia from her body. Some cats get lethargic post surgery but others seem to rev up and get a bit nutty. All of our cats fall into the 2nd category. When our kitten was spayed we...
  19. sivyaleah

    Air purifier in their sleeping room

    We have 2 purifiers in our home. On quiet mode you don't hear anything at all. And our cats never paid the units any attention either. They have made a huge difference in the air quality of our home.
  20. sivyaleah

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    No offense. Actually I totally agree with you. We have a pedigree Maine Coon who came from a very well known breeder registered with CFA. Has lots of champions in her lines. She has been breeding MC's for gosh, 30 years or so now I think. But she wasn't the easiest to do business with and there...