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  1. JulietteTruong

    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    I agree. I couldn’t finish the video of poor Montgomery breathing like that, it makes my stomach turn. There’s a special place in hell for people who do this sort of stuff.
  2. JulietteTruong

    Kitten food

    Wet food. Moisture. Hydration. This is the best time to get her used to eating a varied, WET, diet so that she develops a healthy eating habit and not have finicky eating issues. Cats are imprint feeders, what they eat during their kitten hood becomes their preferred food in their adulthood.
  3. Juli’s horizontal life

    Juli’s horizontal life

  4. JulietteTruong

    I Has An Expresshun!

    It’s Caturday...I’m not doing a damn thing 💅🏽
  5. Homeward bound

    Homeward bound

  6. JulietteTruong

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    I’ve also made it a point to brush her daily, so that might have helped too. But I still see flakes. More on her spine area. She’s also on all wet food now, so maybe that has helped a little too? When I first adopted her years ago, her fur was greasy and the dandruff was worse.
  7. JulietteTruong

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    I’ve been doing one capsule either everyday or every other day. I’m not sure if I’ll stick to this brand. The reviews on Amazon are decent.
  8. JulietteTruong

    Kitty Daycare… Sort of!

    Yes, that sounds better than roasting in extreme heat! I always feel so bad for my kitty when it gets super hot because of all the fur she has. Cats definitely get hot too.
  9. JulietteTruong

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    The brand I got is made from pure wild anchovies oil, with a little gelatin and natural Vitamin E. She’s always struggled with dandruff and skin issues, so I started supplementing fish oil a couple of years ago. She’s always been a bit hesitant anytime I add anything to her food, even if it’s...
  10. JulietteTruong

    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    I add fish oil to my kitty’s meal, and she can tell when I do so she usually doesn’t eat her food right away. She will sniff, walk away, and then come back later in an hour or so and then eat it. Eventually she does eat it all. is it okay to leave fish oil out like that? Will it affect the...
  11. JulietteTruong

    Phosphorus level in cat food for healthy cats

    not paranoid, I think. My Juli turns 8 next month, and I have also been thinking a lot about doing whatever I can to prevent future issues in her older age. Food is a huge deal I feel, especially for indoor cats because what they eat is completely dependent on what we as owners choose to feed...
  12. JulietteTruong

    Feeding one pouch a day

    I never read the label’s feeding directions. I find that they always greatly overfeed cats.
  13. JulietteTruong

    Declawing against the LAW

    One of my uncles declawed his cat years ago. Sometimes he hosts family gatherings, and every time I go I can’t help but secretly feel disgusted with him. But I keep it cordial on the surface, since we do not have the sort of relationship where we could ever talk about such things. Ugh but...
  14. JulietteTruong

    Remembering Krista

    Love her lashes! It’s like she has on mascara lol. Also, cat ears are one of life’s pleasures. So soft and velvety!
  15. JulietteTruong

    Hill's Prescription Diet I/d Digestive Care Opinions Please

    Diarrhea is very dehydrating on the system. You lose a lot of water. Which is something you want to avoid! Dry kibbles will make the dehydration worse.
  16. JulietteTruong


    Hi, what are your thoughts/experiences/feedback with this wet food? It looks comparable to other grocery store brands such as Sheba, Friskies, FF, etc. For the price point, obviously there’s a few questionable ingredients (guar gum, tapioca starch, iron oxide color?). But it doesn’t look too...
  17. JulietteTruong

    Best wet food for weight loss?

    My Juliette spent a few years being chunky too. I had her eating the same Science Hill diet food that you named, also 1/2 cup a day (2 meals of 1/4th cup each), which is according to the printed guidelines. She was miserable! Always hungry. Always begging for food. Her coat got greasy, and her...
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    Just a rant about poorly educated vets

    Idk, the more I read up on feline nutrition, whether it’s this site, or Dr. Lisa Pierson and the likes, or Google University, the more I become skeptical with veterinarians when it comes to cat food. Ever since I’ve made it a point to READ ingredients listings, and pay attention to what’s there...
  19. JulietteTruong

    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Settling in for the evening
  20. JulietteTruong

    Remembering Krista

    I can try and cope with the heat, though I’m awful at handling extreme heat. I worry when it comes to cats. I’m always on my sister about leaving the AC on when it’s those crazy hot days while she’s at work, since she’s on an upper floor. But she’s worried about the utility bill.