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  1. carolina

    RX, Wet, Low Protein, Raw...... Thoughts?

    Hi Dr. Kris! I have four cats and a dog, thankfully none of them with CKD..... But since it is such a prevalent and devastating disease, I try do do the very best in trying to prevent it in the future..... If there is such a thing as "preventing it", anyways.... For one thing, I feed raw - I...
  2. carolina

    And then there was five - Meet Bruce... The new family member... Also a Dog!

    I had been watching Bruce Wayne for a while, since his first day at the shelter... His Facebook page was shared with me via a rescue, and his chances were grim. Bruce was immediately put on death row due to "being aggressive to little children" as per his "family" who abandoned him to die after...
  3. carolina

    Just got back from Brazil - Lost my Beloved Grandmother <3 <3 <3

    Hi all, Just arrived from Brazil yesterday..... My grandmother had been very ill and had a turn for the worst last Friday, the 10th. She was 100 years old, but in perfect health... happy.... until that she got Dengue fever. That hit her hard. When I heard she was sedated on the 10th, I...
  4. carolina

    Excellent video on transitions by Dr. Becker

    I Just thought this video had some excellent points about transitions and myths of raw feeding:
  5. carolina

    How to Clean a litterbox - Video

    A few years back I made this video and put it on youtube. There are over 30,000 views and people seem to like it.... I get lots of good questions there, so I thought of sharing it here. Hope it helps someone :wavey:
  6. carolina

    Wysong coupon code 06/13 - For those Using COTW

    Enter the code SP1320 in the "Coupon Code" box at online checkout, or mention the code over the phone to a Wysong customer service representative (800.748.0188) for 20% off your next order.* (All Wysong pet and human products are eligible. No minimum or maximum order.) :wavey:
  7. carolina

    Trouble in Raw Paradise - Clostridium perfringens and my cats

    It started towards the end the week of the 05/20, not sure what day. One cat came down with severe diarrhea, then another, then all of them had it. This wasn't just the seldom diarrhea they get when eating a different meat - this was water-like diarrhea, several times a day, with a lot of...
  8. carolina

    RECALL ALERT: EVO, Innova, California Natural, and Healthwise Dry Dog Food Make sure to read the list - several CAT foods are involved.
  9. carolina

    People can be anyone, anything NEVER KNOW.

    I have an issue.... I have a tendency to trust people. To empathize with people. I spend a long time here at TCS, and I truly, truly Care about the people and cats here. Some become friends, some become family..... I have met many around the country, spent Holidays with some, had some great time...
  10. carolina

    I Have to find a solution for Lucky's peeing habits! (side peeing/high peeing)

    Let's just say she is lucky to be so cute! This girl has the worst peeing habits ever! No matter how high my boxes are, and they are high, she manages to Pee outside. She starts well, by crouching down and peeing on the litter.... Then she does this Pee-dance shaking her booty as she lifts her...
  11. carolina

    Help - TICKS - Dogs

    A couple of family members in Brazil are dealing with severe tick infestation. My twin sister and my cousin. Frontline both the drops and spray are not working. Diatomaceous Earth, even though Brazil is one of the biggest producer, is impossible to find :rolleyes: What is the best thing to...
  12. carolina


    Anyone has kitties who have hiccups here? Bugsy has them from time to time...... He doesn't get nauseous, doesn't throw up, doesn't show any discomfort..... Just hiccups..... Any idea why would that be? He is going to the vet to check his teeth monday so I am going to ask, but I am curious if...
  13. carolina

    Meet Mr. McGrumpy, the newest member of our family!

    Meet Mr. McGrumpy, soon to join our family in January..... :heart3: :heart3: He is also a Ragdoll, 2 years old, and comes from the same rescue I adopted all my cats. It wasn't an easy decision, but one I felt I had to make.... Mr. McGrumpy comes from a horrible abuse situation - he is declawed...
  14. carolina

    MIA - Miss you guys, Miss this forum....

    Hi Dearest raw feeders! :wavey: Just saying hello.... I kind of disappeared..... I have been going through SO much lately :thud: Hopefully I will be back here more often soon - I miss the raw forum, I :heart3: you guys... Hate not being here as often..... My plate is so so full right now -...
  15. carolina

    ShelfReliance Thrive Freeze Dry Chicken?

    As some of you know, freeze dry chicken can cost a pretty penny. I pay $69 for the large 16oz bag from Whole Life. Well, I found this product, a brand of emergency foods: It is 100% pure cooked chicken, obviously human grade, no...
  16. carolina

    Egg Lecithin for Hairballs

    With 3 long hair cats here, hairballs are an issue. Lucky had a blockage in the past that made her very sick for quite a while and she has issues from time to time. Bugsy has issues sometimes as well and while he wasn't blocked, he had an e-vet visit in the middle of the night, and had to go...
  17. carolina

    Vet visit frequency for 5yr old or so cats?

    Ok, I was under the impression here that for a healthy 5 yr old cat, an annual vet visit would do it. I do annual vet visits with a complete senior panel, urinalysys, and they also go to the dentist every year (I request the tests). Bugsy has a yearly dental, the others have if necessary. For a...
  18. carolina

    Clueless about home buying.... Seriously considering, but....

    Ok - first of, for the ones who know me on facebook, please keep this out of there :) I am seriously looking into buying a home soon, but I am also seriously clueless about it. And there are some major problems too. Problem #1 - My credit - I went through debit management so my credit is not...
  19. carolina

    FREE Nature's Variety Raw Bites!

    Here is a coupon for a free bag :clap::clap::clap: I think these are great for kitties going through a tough introduction to raw, as they can be easily rolled on freeze-dry chicken powder, or whatever the kitty's favorite treat is - I think the bite size also makes it easier for beginners and to...
  20. carolina

    Bugsy's Vet Visit - Stomatitis Follow up

    As some of you know, Bugsy has been doing so well, his vet has agreed to discontinue his stomatitis medication - we were to check on his teeth often though, to make sure he would not relapse. This is a follow up to this thread...