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  1. Juniper_Junebug

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    Sadly, she most especially hated the metal pronged brush (if I'm seeing the pic correctly the one with thin wire bristles). Total no go. The one I use on a weekly basis is the Furminator, which is the best at capturing the hair, at least among those she does scream about at the first pass. She...
  2. Juniper_Junebug

    Supplements for cat when given Antibiotic?

    One thing I was told was that if you give a probiotic, give it at a different time than (e.g., at least two or three hours before) you administer the antibiotic, because the antibiotic apparently can kill the probiotic, neutralizing its effect. Antibiotics definitely seem to mess with my...
  3. Juniper_Junebug

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    I bought a grooming brush but it has little nubs, like on a brush, and she was not amused. Is there a type of grooming brush that doesn't have numbs and is just designed to collect the hair? Or even just a material that attracts hair but doesn't cause static (like microfiber seems to)?
  4. Juniper_Junebug

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    Huh. Never even thought of that! I will try to run a comb at an angle so the teeth don't touch her skin. How do you keep the hair from flying everywhere, though? Do you wet it? If so, do you wash it off in the sink then? Or how do you capture the loose hair? I have long hair myself (which...
  5. Juniper_Junebug

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    Is there some sort of instrument or material that could be used to pet a cat down to remove already loose hair, that isn't a brush? I've tried at least half a dozen different brushes of varying types and my cats will not abide any of them without bribery and considerable angst. She's a DSH...
  6. Juniper_Junebug

    What would you name this kitten??

    I have a little gray beauty named Juno. If I had another one, she would be Vesper. Meaning evening prayer. (Also, a Bond girl, but that's not why).
  7. Juniper_Junebug

    Anyone else's cat call you to join them?

    My kitty Juno also likes to give me sass. When I'm in the living room (also my kitchen and dining room) and not paying adequate attention to her, she will jump onto the stove-- where she KNOWS she is not allowed-- and if I don't react and keep looking at my phone, she will meow at me. Like she...
  8. Juniper_Junebug

    Kitten Treats

    I have been giving my kitty Inaba Churu squeeze up treats since she was a kitten. I usually give her freeze dried treats, for health reason, but the squeeze ups are perfect for brushing sessions. She hates being brushed but I can induce her to stick around if I brush her while offering her a...
  9. Juniper_Junebug

    People with rescue kitties: are you still in contact with their fosters?

    I adopted my kitty (as a kitten) from a rescue that didn't know much about her, because they got her from a TNR organization a couple hours before I picked her up. I actually reached out to her TNR organization unsuccessfully first, trying to learn more about her. My first try went unanswered...
  10. Juniper_Junebug

    Ear mites or just dirty?

    My kitty has dirty ears that are not related to ear mites (or anything else concerning). Sure looks like it, with dark deposits of wax. But I checked with two different vets several months apart. Hopefully your vet can assure you one way or the other. I clean her ears when she lets me but...
  11. Juniper_Junebug

    Adjusting meals post COVID

    Here's another solicitation for advice on helping kitty adjust to my being back in the office. Since adopting Juno in October as a kitten, I've been feeding her three meals a day, plus a little kibble late at night. Now that I'm going back in the office more, I need to figure out a new...
  12. Juniper_Junebug

    Keeping kitties safe from cords on blinds

    I use a metal cord that forms a full loop, but it has several places that are breakaway (like the material on a lot of keychains). Granted, mine came that way but I imagine it can also be DIYed. I love it, because I can pull anywhere on one side to raise or the other side to lower, and the...
  13. Juniper_Junebug

    Adjusting to back-to-work with a COVID kitten

    I don't let her in my room because I prize my sleep, and no matter how tired she is when I go to bed, as soon as she gets into my room, she goes crazy. I realize this may be at least partly because my room is a novelty for her, but I tried letting her on for a few weeks, and she the exception of...
  14. Juniper_Junebug

    Guidance in letting them sleep

    I put my 4-month old kitten in the second bedroom (her "safe room") to sleep from the very first day. I checked on her a couple times in the middle of the night those first few days (not when she was meowing), because she had a URI and I wanted to make sure she was ok. She was always asleep...
  15. Juniper_Junebug

    Adjusting to back-to-work with a COVID kitten

    I got Juno at around 4 months last October, and for most of that time, I was working from home and rarely out of the house for too long. When I adopted her, I was clear with all the rescues I applied to that I wanted one cat and so I put in for an adult. But she needed a foster and when she was...
  16. Juniper_Junebug

    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    Juno's full name is technically Tiny Juno, or TJ. Or Junebug. Or Juniper Junebug, when she's doing something she shouldn't (each syllable pronounced distinctly, like when my mother used my middle name to let me know I was in trouble). Mostly she's Boo or Boo Bear. She's also Bear, Bug...
  17. Juniper_Junebug

    Cats and stuffed animals

    So I googled Cats Attacking Stuffed Animals, and I guess Juno isn't the only one. So funny. I hid the stuffed animal in my laundry basket overnight to see if the scent helped. Nope. I've been leaving it out all day to see if she gets used to it. Nope. Every time I set it upright, she smacks it...
  18. Juniper_Junebug

    Cats and stuffed animals

    What seems striking though is that she swats it in the face. Every time. Like she recognized it is a cat-like thing. I've never seen her swat anything before.
  19. Juniper_Junebug

    Cats and stuffed animals

    So my brother just sent me a stuffed animal shaped like a gray cat. Above average realistic but, I mean, it can't smell like a cat. Juno HATES her new stuffed rival. At first, she approached it with trepidation, hiding behind my legs, then approaching it. But pretty soon, she was smacking...
  20. Juniper_Junebug


    Thanks! As I said before, that was a "fanatic" recommendation! 😛 (Inside joke about a funny auto correct....)