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  1. fionasmom

    Did playtime go too far? Or is this something more serious I should be worried about?

    Are My Cats Fighting Or Playing? – TheCatSite Articles This may help a little bit. I have three young indoor cats who play very rough but it is clearly play. I do believe a wound could be part of play, but as was stated, keep your eye on it for healing.
  2. fionasmom

    severe diarrhoea!!!

    Electrolyte water is probably your best bet in the short term. Some cats respond to plain, canned pumpkin but neither the water nor the pumpkin will cure underlying reasons for the diarrhea. Many human OTC compounds for diarrhea have other ingredients in them which may not be good for cats. If...
  3. fionasmom

    Recurrent Sinus Infection

    No you aren't and the cat is not getting any better. @Maurey has already suggested that other tests need to be done, maybe should have been done already, and that you may not have the correct or entire diagnosis. I have no suggestions which will help you to clarify this except that in these...
  4. fionasmom

    T-Cyte Needed

    Just to give you some sort of an update, T-Cyte has not been brought up on this site in about 3 years. If you use the search in the upper right hand corner, you can read those posts. I don't know if there are any leads in there which might help you.
  5. fionasmom

    How long will a feral mama look for her missing kittens?

    It can be pretty intense if the mom is very upset, so steel yourself. Using the kittens to trap her is a great idea. My husband once inadvertently closed the door of a car that had been open for about an hour....long enough for the mom to have put her litter in there while she left them for a...
  6. fionasmom

    Yellow hard bald spot on stray

    I copied these from earlier posts in this thread as I think that this is still the best advice in place of a vet visit if you can't get to the vet. The first was about trying to clean the spots. Near the end is the second post about getting an OTC cream for ringworm if that is what it is. Do...
  7. fionasmom

    Appropriate Donation Amount

    Welcome to The Cat Site! It is very proactive of you to continue trying to help ferals and for getting this cat fixed. I assume that the organization is willing to do this free, so please don't feel obligated to make a donation if you really cannot afford it or would have to go without something...
  8. fionasmom

    What would you name this kitten??

    I had a gray cat years ago named Katya.
  9. fionasmom

    Help - Perfectly Healthy Cat Suddenly Sick, Vet Says I May Lose Her

    Your vet has certainly been conscientious. While an obstruction is not great news, at least it can be treated. As surgeries go, it is quite straight forward. A friend just had an obstruction (kitchen towel) removed from a 12 year old lab (not her fault that it happened and story is not...
  10. fionasmom

    One claw is visible

    It might be in need of trimming, but if that does not do the trick you should probably contact the vet to see if something else is preventing it from retracting. In an older feral I have seen nails grow too long and curve into the bed, but yours does not appear to be doing that at this time.
  11. fionasmom

    Possibly Ringworm?

    Ringworm: A Serious but Readily Treatable Affliction Ringworm in Cats Ringworm and Cats: It's Not That Scary – The Barn Cat Lady There are two articles here on The Cat Site under "Cat Articles" at the top left and for some reason those two, alone, are not accessible to me. You might have...
  12. fionasmom

    Rescued feral kitten keeps throwing up

    This is just my opinion, but I would not throw a vaccine in there just yet and I am not, by any means, an anti vaxxer. There is still a lot unanswered about this kitten and his prognosis is guarded. You are doing everything that you can for him and I am hoping that what he needs is a lot of...
  13. fionasmom

    Should I just give up on feeding ferals?

    The decoy ploy has its drawbacks, but I have never had it fail when I had to get wildlife to move away from the cats. You are right that a skittish kitten is not going to get a home and I think that you should proceed with trying to tame him. If you really work at it, he should respond. I still...
  14. fionasmom

    Neighbour's cat…

    This is a wonderful ending to the story! I agree that he is asking to come upstairs unless you suspect that he is hungry in which case leaving a little bit of food for him might help. Thank you for posting the update.
  15. fionasmom

    Is my cat's tooth broken?

    Please let us know what happens. It is very hard to thoroughly examine a cat's mouth, even a friendly cat. Whatever happened to him, he did not, as an innocent animal, deserve it.
  16. fionasmom

    Please help cat acting strange

    Definitely distress, eyes runny, breathing or swallowing is impaired. It is an emergency and he needs a vet. This is not something you can handle at home.
  17. fionasmom

    Unsure of what to do after tumor diagnosis

    I am also very relieved that rupturing seems to be off the table. Your vet did give you some precise information which is very helpful and to her credit. Draining the fluid is a possibility, so don't discount that. You can consult at the surgery center, but I understand your hesitancy to do...
  18. fionasmom

    My thirteen year-old grey boy has cancer

    I am sorry that you are facing this, Sadly, a diagnosis can appear suddenly even when previous tests were clear. When I have had animals with specific medical conditions which were serious, I always have gone to a specialty referral hospital You can also consider teaching hospitals connected to...
  19. fionasmom

    Trapping blind kittens

    You have a very unique situation and I certainly sympathize with you and understand the constraints of not putting traps all over the place, etc. I do agree with @CatladyJan that they will smell the food. This is probably not blindness, but some infection and you said that one can see with one...
  20. fionasmom

    Rescued feral kitten keeps throwing up

    You are very kind to have rescued this kitten and certainly stepped up to the plate to have him treated by a vet. He had Capstar, Revolution Plus, and was dewormed. That is a lot to be done at once and I would wonder if he is having a reaction to that. I don't strongly suspect that he is eating...