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  1. cataholic07

    What color are these kittens?

    In the rescue I volunteer with we got word about a momma cat and her 3 kittens that were just abandoned at a golf course. A foster took them in but we are all trying to figure out what coloring the two are. And what fur length. I'm thinking all shorthairs? Mom might be a medium hair not 100%...
  2. cataholic07

    Massively long cats!

    Fynn is such a massively long cat. He's my big boy, pics do not do him justice lol. He's about 3.5ft long from head to tail tip. Anyone else have a mr.stretch?
  3. cataholic07

    Classic or mackerel?

    I am wondering if my first cat was mackerel torbie or a classic? My current torbie is 100% a mackerel and easy to tell lol.
  4. cataholic07

    Thinking about adopting a 4th..

    I have 3 cats, two are brothers and 2 years old, the other is a one year old girl. Jetty loves other kitties and loves to play with them. He seems to have endless kitten energy lol. His brother Fynn is the boss cat, he's a big boy (in frame/stature not weight) and takes the longest to get used...
  5. cataholic07

    Anyone try Nutrience oral health? Does it work?

    I brush my 3 cats teeth but still battling gingivitis with them. Starting healthymouth now to see if it helps but was wondering if Nutrience oral health was any good? It's better quality than the vet food and dont know if the oral dental food actually helps or not? I'd prefer not to have to give...
  6. cataholic07

    Manx kittens chronic diarrhea?

    In the rescue I volunteer with we rescued some kittens from a very overrun farm (40+ cats/kittens). A few were manx kittens and all have horrible bottoms and required lots of care. Two are doing great, two still have some bum irritation, and 3 have serious chronic diarrhea and poop a ton (one...
  7. cataholic07

    Kitty vaccines and FIP sibling.

    I know this subject is a bit of a hot topic lol. I am also one who doesn't want to over vaccinate either. But my boys didn't get their 1 year shot because Jetty had to go in sooner do to an injury. So I am thinking they will need their booster for their next yearly visit this year. Ceriah will...
  8. cataholic07

    Trio of fluff

    I uh don't get alot of pics of my 3 together (nor do they turn out nicely for the most part my phone likes to only have a few in focus or the cats move lol). But here's my 3 floofers haha. Ceriah in front (almost 11 months old) and the two brothers in back (almost 2). They all get along pretty...
  9. cataholic07

    Why don't people spay/neuter their cats?

    Ugh sorry for the venting but I just don't understand it. There are lots of lower cost clinics and even rescues that will help but a lot of people don't even try to find any help. I see so many unfixed, unchipped cats roaming about, so many posted as lost. Like why? If your cat is fixed they...
  10. cataholic07

    Kitten with chronic runny nose?

    I fostered a kitten who still has a runny nose (she's 10 months old now) she's the sister of my girl. It's really strange as she only has a runny nose when grooming or eating. That's it. All the other time she's completely fine, no runny nose then. She has some sneezing to but only when grooming...
  11. cataholic07

    Let's see your longhair beauties!

    I always find it very interesting the different degrees of floofers lol. I have 3, two brothers (one year and 9 months old) and one 9 month old kitten. Each are quire different in some degree. As a massive lover of longhair cats I'd love to see your fur babies! I did a photo of them at 10 weeks...
  12. cataholic07

    Possible fathers of my babies?

    I foster failed (well won imo) 3 kitties recently. Two full brothers, then a girl this year. I'm just wondering about cat genetics lol. Fynnegan and Jethro are 1 year old brothers (1 yr and 8 months old). One is a longhair grey and white, the other a longhair brown tabby with white. Their...
  13. cataholic07

    Maybe feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus.. or is it allergies?

    My kitten I adopted months ago, well foster failed lol. Her and her sister had a really bad URI for literally a month. The vet said I had to keep doing lysene until she was a year old. I uh recently ran out and looking at what I can find online for her. But she's not sneezing really or coughing...
  14. cataholic07

    TC Feline?

    Is Tc feline complete? I feed chicken, turkey (when I can find it), pork, and beef (beef is a bit harder to find now). I use the one with the dry liver because my cats can't eat liver without throwing it up. I know its cheaper to make your own but I get overwhelmed with lists and can't drive so...
  15. cataholic07

    Kitten with brown spots on face

    ceriah i noticed has some brown spots near her ear and going today's her eyes. It doesn't smell, her ears have some brown but not much and a lil white wax. She has always had some purple near her ear but thats about it. I know cats lose hair there just not sure about the brown spots lol. She...
  16. cataholic07

    Maybe a uti infection?

    My 7 month old spayed female kitten I have noticed has been grooming her belly quite a bit. Like not a ton but enough to lose some hair loss around one of her nipples and it's a bit red. I wasn't sure if it was allergies to something or stress cause of the other cats playing too rough with her...
  17. cataholic07

    Cat with crimped fur

    Fynn has a very interesting texture to his fur, it's soft but has a really crimped which I thought was really cool. None of his siblings have it that I know of, his brother Jetty for sure doesn't. It makes photos that were crystal clear look a bit fuzzy lol.
  18. cataholic07

    Cat with outward pointed toes?

    I have an over one year old cat who his front legs seem uh very pointed out and sometimes looks a bit well super flexible. His brother doesn't have this but he has thicker legs then him. He isn't limping or anything but sometimes isn't the best with jumping up on things. He's a big boy at 12lbs...
  19. cataholic07

    How much sardines and egg yolk to give?

    I feed my cats premade raw. Big country raw, carnivora, primal and natural instincts (80/10/10 ratios, Primal one is AAFC complete, Natural instincts has cod liver oil, vitamin e). I also give a small tiny amount of sea kelp. My one boy Fynn is on a raw food strike as he keeps getting hairballs...
  20. cataholic07

    A third foster fail in less then a year..

    Well didn't expect to foster fail a third kitten within a year but.. I couldn't help it. I fostered failed two brothers a few months after having to euthanize my first cat due to her cancer coming back and spreading everywhere. She was a stunning longhair torbie. They just really felt like they...