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  1. susanm9006

    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    She knows what’s inside.
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    What's your favorite way to eat potatoes?

    Roasted, with a bit of garlic and Parmesan. And a lot of butter.
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Poor Willow is having a panic attack. These used to be a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence but she has gone more than a year without one. Today unseen forces are after her and she can’t seems to find a safe place to hide. So back and forth between main floor and basement, hiding spot to...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, June 14, 2021

    Yes I did. When I was 19 I took driving lessons through Safeway. I hated driving and cried after every lesson but they do a great job of making sure you don’t take the test until you are ready. I did teach my son to drive, first on country back roads and parking lots and then on long road...
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    The Exercise Motivation Thread - 2021

    Back to exercise today after my mandatory two weeks off. I only did ten minutes on the rower but it felt great. The rower is is the basement and despite the heat the temp down there stays at 65 degrees in summer, so cool and comfortable.
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    I call him a mystery breed

    He is beautiful. Probably not a specific breed since most non pedigree cats are either domestic shorthair or domestic longhairs. I think yours would be considered a long hair.
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    My cat bites when hungry

    First, I would stop giving him treats when he rubs. That is basically training him to do what you don’t want him to do. The biting when rubbing is him getting overstimulated and frustrated. Second, 80 grams which is around three ounces isn’t much wet food. I would consider increasing wet...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Hoping that it all goes easy.
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    One of the kittens eye is shut

    It may be that his eye got scratched and/or has an infection in it. Give your vet a call and talk to them about having the kitten checked out.
  10. susanm9006

    Cat howling for food ahead of mealtime

    Then I would talk to your vet about the premeal howling. It is possible to check a cat’s glucose at home and if he is indeed running low then he may need a meal sooner or insulin adjustments.
  11. susanm9006

    Cat howling for food ahead of mealtime

    I assume Miles is on insulin and what is the frequency? It could be his blood sugar is going low and it is making him feel ravenous. If that is a possibility then you want to talk to your vet about moving him to three meals a day
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    I agree. Cut can make a big difference in whether the puzzle is fun or not. I won’t do ones where all the pieces are the same.
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    Do cats have nightmares?

    Cats do seem to dream so I guess he could have had a nightmare. Or there might have been a sound or smell that woke and startled him. In any case, I wouldn’t worry about it.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday the 13th of June, 2021

    It’s bad. It was so long and shaggy that I reached my limit and stopped into a cost cutter and got it all cut one length. It is short but that’s okay. But the way she cut it, very very blunt, looks terrible. I am going to try to get in somewhere for a better cut one of these days.
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    Senior Cat - Urination Issues

    Yes, a vet visit is needed since it could be something like and infection or diabetes. But it could also be dementia or a weak bladder as mentioned.
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    Is my cats attraction to heat normal?…

    The inside of the house, no matter how cool, doesn’t have the sights, sounds or smells of that the porch has. And at night especially there are things flying by and probably creatures wandering through. It is a fascinating and entertaining world for a cat and being indoors just can’t compete.
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    I have found a missing puzzle piece in the dishwasher, unfortunately after the wash cycle . Apparently it stuck to the bottom of a plate or bowl . I have also found pieces in my shoes, down the back of the dining room chairs, in my bedroom (probably was up a shirt sleeve) and stuck to the...
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    Do you still have these in your house?

    I still have a micro cassette recorder. Anyone remember people walking around talking into these and thinking they were way cool? I have kept mine because I used it to tape my grandfather telling the story of his immigration to the United States in 1919.
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    Do you still have these in your house?

    DVD players always show up at the thrift store. Occasionally a VCR.
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    Cat freaked out by cleaning lady

    If there is one room the cleaning person doesn’t enter, then put her in that room. Otherwise, leave closet doors open or other spaces she prefers to hide in so she has a choice of where to hide, And after the cleaning person leaves do absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, except of course pet...