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    Post your loose stools solution.

    Oliver gets horrible loose stools if he's on Clavamox (luckily, that's not frequently at all).... at the time, I wasn't sure what to do other than clean up my boy well after a trip to the box.... I've also got a 15 year old black lab who tends to have loose stool just because of old age, so we...
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    Paws folded

    I'd always heard it was to keep their paw pads warm... Oliver does it a lot.
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    How long is a sufficient time-out

    Ollie's time outs vary... if the whole fam is downstairs and he does something (say go after my 15 year old dog in more than just play mode) mama scolds him verbally, picks him up and sends him up the stairs... he gets the idea and won't come back down til he's settled... last night tho, I was...
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    So what's on the menu tonight?

    I finally successfully made a pizza with fresh dough (had always used those premade shells before) this afternoon and most of it is left after the bit I had for lunch and since I can eat pizza til it comes out my ears, we're gonna re-heat and finish it up with a salad... I'm SO happy I got it to...
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    Litter box

    I have one cat and two boxes... I scoop probably once a day and the whole thing gets changed out maybe every other week or as needed... I use regular clumping clay litter in covered boxes with litter liners... one box is in my room (Oliver's shut in with me at night) and I have a small air...
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    Rose Red

    I like it, but don't find it super scary... with almost all of King's works, I get more scared reading them and forming the pictures in my mind than watching some Hollywood hot shot's interpretation of it.... The Mist though, man, THAT is on my list of top scary movies.... and not for all the...
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    How often do you clean your cats' ears?

    A quick related note of something I've observed: kitties using covered or enclosed boxes (with clay litter, or any litter that creates even the slightest dust) tend to have dirtier ears... makes sense, all that dust flying around inside a box when they dig around... both of Oliver's boxes are...
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    How often do you clean your cats' ears?

    AT LEAST once a month with his bath, but usually once in between baths too (just did that yesterday)... I'm always lookin in his ears though when he's sitting on me to see how they're doing... he's a very chill cat and I've had experience working at a vet/shelter, so I use Q-tips... but yes, the...
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    Cats waking me up on purpose!

    This is exactly why I don't feed Oliver his wet in the morning! He actually gets it as we go to bed (he gets shut in my room with me at night... so it's a good way of wrangling him for bedtime too) and always has his kibble available... he's not a scarfer though, he nibbles at the wet here and...
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    Any Cross-stichers out here?

    I'm another that used to do it a lot but can't remember the last time I picked up a needle... my mom was heavily into it too and we've both done some pretty large pieces... I also did nice hooped pieces for family and friends of their cats/dogs and personalized each with the pets' names. I'm...
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    Where did you get your cat's name?

    Oliver was easy: Oliver and Company! Also, he was thin and a begger when I found him, so Oliver Twist (he's still a begger at his proper weight of 15 pounds!) We own both movies now lol
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    Been a long time!

    Thanks so much!
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    Found a tapeworm bit... but where are the fleas??

    Exactly! Oliver had them once when I was in my apartment in the woods in college and I've always used Frontline on him, so it's very possible to not be infested with fleas, yet eat one and get tapeworm. He got the 2 doses of meds and had no more problems
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    Been a long time!

    Hey y'all! I know it's been FOREVER since I've been around the boards! I'm still here though and Oliver is still doing great (being his monstrous self lol)! I wanna try to start hoppin around the boards again and checking things out... even though I'm unemployed (again! ugh! stinkin economy...
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    Ticker Generators

    I'll hafta look into that one... is it free and spam-free?
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    Ticker Generators

    Ok computer savvy ones! I'm usually awesome at finding these kinds of things on my own, but am coming up pretty much empty this time... I was updating my MySpace page today and I wanted to create a couple of those small countdown/up tickers. I have one already that's like a big box with a...
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    Semi-urgent... Soft Paw possibly into pad

    Oliver's acting just fine today! Even late last night he was scratching on his denim covered horizontal scratching pads... used the litter box, jumping up and down, play attacking... it's like nothing ever happened... there's just a small scab on his one toe pad where the cap had rubbed... so...
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    Semi-urgent... Soft Paw possibly into pad

    I usually do, I don't know why I was slacking If you start to see the nails getting long and the cap hasn't fallen off, just clip the tip of the cap like you would trim the nail... I find the rest of the cap falls off regularly shortly after
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    Semi-urgent... Soft Paw possibly into pad

    I haven't inspected the foot since the vet... I figure enough people have messed with it and it must be throbbing... I believe though the quick is fine and it's the pad that was cut (not bleeding now though)... I don't think they see a lot of people that use Soft Paws - they're a vet and...
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    Semi-urgent... Soft Paw possibly into pad

    My vet has weekday hours until 9pm... they're very accommodating - if he didn't need to see a doc/get meds it would've been free of charge... he didn't get to see "our" doctor, but at least the doc on call wasn't the one out of the practice that I just don't like and do not trust in the least (I...