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  1. Bowling

    Spot's fur type

    My cat Spot, who is now nearly 11 months old, has gorgeous long hair, but I am wondering what type it is. My other cat Coco has very short, coarser fur, but Spot's is very silky and not so dense. Does this mean Spot does not have an undercoat. Also do longer haired cats originate from...
  2. Bowling

    Possible stray cat

    I think we may have a stray cat. He is a massive black and white boy. It started a couple of months ago when I left some frozen chicken breasts out and the next morning they had disappeared. A few days later I saw the cat wander out of my back room! He then started creeping in and hiding...
  3. Bowling

    Coco the female ginge

    My third cat Coco is a stocky puss with thick fur, rounded face and tiny ears. She is pure ginger with a bullseye pattern. She is also on my profile picture. Her mum was a tortoise shell. I imagine dad must have been a ginger too.
  4. Bowling

    Is Poitou a tuxedo cat

    This is my other cat Poitou. Is he a typical tuxedo?
  5. Bowling

    My kitten Spot

    Hi everyone. My kitten spot is a 11 weeks old and very beautiful - I have never seen a kitten like her. She is white all over apart from her tail and a spot on her head, which has a greyish black colour. Her fur looks like she will be long haired. It is very soft, almost rabbit like. Her...
  6. Bowling


    Hi everyone. I am new here. I have 3 cats, a black and white tuxedo male, a ginger female and a long haired, very soft, white (I don't know what she is!) 11 week old kitten with a black patch above by her ear and a huge bushy black tail - anyone have any ideas what mix she could be - she seems...