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  1. himawari

    Dr Elsey's Dry?

    The chicken protein dry is the only one I feed my cat due to the low-carb percentage. My cat really enjoys it.
  2. himawari

    Cat Tree Shopping

    @vanstar It is beautiful and extremely stylish. That's part of the reason why I bought it. But I wouldn't buy it again since a huge reason for me was the scratch posts, and they weren't durable enough.
  3. himawari

    Fancy Feast Problems

    I don't feed FF often, but recently I did notice a change. It is stinkier and the consistency of it as a bit harder. Fortunately, my cat still eats it when I give it to him.
  4. himawari

    Cat Tree Shopping

    Hi! So I bought the Vesper High Base back in January of this year. After two months, the first two scratch posts on the bottom came undone. It isn't glued or taped, just tightly wound -- not a match for any cat who likes to scratch/keep their paws sharp. When I tried to purchase the posts...
  5. himawari

    Teeth Care?

    I adopted my cat when he was 6. And his teeth was definitely not in a good condition. It's still kind of bad. I do what the others have said, which is using a poultry toothpaste & a fingerbrush. Mine is a fighter so I always end up with battle scars. Since yours is a kitten, I definitely suggest...
  6. himawari

    Let's Talk About Poop!

    My cat tends to have a stinky poop if he's only eating foods that have peas / potato. Basically anything that is too carby. But I've learned to balanced it out by giving Feline Natural canned food and a little bit of raw.
  7. himawari

    New “ Developments” In The Cat Food World

    I was at Petco the other day, and definitely noticed the Weruva line. I thought it a bit odd since it directly competes with their Soulistic line. But whatever ~
  8. himawari

    New Kittens Coming Tomorrow...

    How wonderful! Congrats! I've never taken care of kittens as my first cat was 6 years old when I adopted him. But I have heard that kittens require tons of calories due to their growing bodies. For the cost, I'd suggest feeding dry as it is higher in calories (though possibly high in carbs...
  9. himawari

    New Rawz Canned Foods

    I didn't know that they came out with a new formula and proteins. Unfortunately, my closest pet store doesn't have it so I'll have to call around lol I did try the turkey one before, and my cat liked it.
  10. himawari

    What’s The Best Cat Litter?

    In my household, the walnut litter mixed with smart cat is the best
  11. himawari

    Looking For Cat Litter Recommendations Please

    I hope the Walnut litter is the one for you. That mixed with Smart Cat litter has been really great for me and my cat. It does track, in my opinion but less so than Dr. Elsey’s
  12. himawari

    Lethargy Returns After Antibiotic Term Finished

    My cat had the same thing with his first URI flare up. It took two different types of antibiotics (each was about 2 weeks) to fully recover. And even then I had to supplement him with a bit of lysine every day. So yeah, another vet visit is a must. But I sincerely hope he gets well soon.
  13. himawari

    Does Anyone Feed Cheap Kibble And Spend More On Wet Food?

    Right!? And that same owner had another cat who lived for around 34 years. And I believe that cat was Creme Puff's family so there's some shared genetics going on. When I found out, I was telling my cat that hopefully he'll live that ripe old age too and he just meowed back like "that's too...
  14. himawari

    Covered In Scratches... Help!

    Yeah, I'd suggest a claw trim too. My cat is more of a biter instead of a scratcher, but what I do when he attempts to bite me or is holding onto my skin with his fangs, is firmly say "no", tap his nose, and walk away, ignoring him for at least five minutes. Does he have any long and various...
  15. himawari

    Aslan Poops On Blankets

    I'm sorry, that really sucks. I've only dealt with my cat peeing on my bed but that was only once, and it was kind of my fault & since then it hasn't happened (thank god). So I'm sorry to say I don't have any expert advice. If you haven't already, get an enzyme cleaner, baking soda & distilled...
  16. himawari

    I Screwed Up (chocolate)

    I don't microwave my cat's food either, but I doubt chocolate vapors could have enough of an impact. But I'm glad that she's doing okay. Please keep us posted.
  17. himawari

    Does Anyone Feed Cheap Kibble And Spend More On Wet Food?

    Right now my cat is on a mostly wet diet with a bit of kibble due to budget issues and he was sick for a bit. If the kibble is only supplementation then I don't really see the problem of buying cheap kibble. Just add water on his canned food. But my only thing with kibble is I don't buy any...
  18. himawari

    Dr Gatsby Whisker Fatigue Bowls

    Yeah, four is a lot but if it works then it's totally justified. I'll think about getting it for him for Christmas lol
  19. himawari

    Dr Gatsby Whisker Fatigue Bowls

    I had to google this as I've never heard of it. But I'd be willing to give it a try if only it wasn't like $20 for a bowl though
  20. himawari

    Anyone Else Have Just One Cat?

    I only have one cat. I've toyed with the idea of getting another but if I was getting another pet then I'd like it to be a big dog, to which my cat would hate as he can barely tolerate my dog who is about his size. Plus I feel that he's too set in his ways to tolerate another pet -- the only...