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  1. CatladyJan

    Fleas infestations @ home please helpppp!!!

    I'm dealing with flea infestation as well. I have a dog and 6 cats. I've used Capstar a couple of times to kill the adults and have been washing bedding, vacuuming and steam mopping floors in addition to applying Frontline every 4 weeks. Still fighting the battle at week 5. I did come...
  2. CatladyJan

    Wondercide for home flea treatment

    Did the Wondercide work?
  3. CatladyJan

    My newest fosters

    @IndyJones no I was given permission to name that litter. I already have 6 cats lol
  4. CatladyJan

    My newest fosters

    Oh my I’m fostering 2 mommas and 10 kittens. What a difference from socializing feral kittens. So for a little cuteness fix here are a couple of pics: Lunabella is the tortie with the 3 little ones and Greyla is momma to the 4 orange and calico. Lunabella s babies are Domenico, Vincenzo and...
  5. CatladyJan

    Find the cat

    That is how to find it, download and zoom in
  6. CatladyJan

    Sleep and Insomnia

    Yes I’ve struggled with it. I’m a light sleeper as well. Did this start up recently and does it seem to be triggered by something? Good sleep hygiene helps it it takes time to get you circadian rhythm. Naps are a no no. if your intaking caffeine I’d cut it off as early in the afternoon. if...
  7. CatladyJan

    Find the cat

    I am proud to say I did see the gray and white cat face with the black nose
  8. CatladyJan

    April POM - Vote for your 15 favourite 'cat with friend/s' photo

    So many beautiful kitties and a very difficult decisions. Good Luck!
  9. CatladyJan

    Question of the day - Thursday 15 April

    4 I love the fall
  10. CatladyJan

    Any suggestions! Adopted kitten missing in home

    Please let us know when she reappears.
  11. CatladyJan

    Any suggestions! Adopted kitten missing in home

    She didn't disappear, she is somewhere. I just reread your initial post. She is quite young and 2 lbs is very very small and 8 weeks is very young, too young to be taken from momma. I would seriously follow the advice @FeebysOwner posted. If you have openings near drain pipes or anywhere she...
  12. CatladyJan

    6 months.. Still not getting along

    Simply put some cats will never get along.
  13. CatladyJan

    Any suggestions! Adopted kitten missing in home

    You would be surprised where they can hide. I’ve had many “missing kittens”. One disappeared in the room I was trying to catch her in. She was secretly tucked away on top of a printer and the wall. Lol. Just keep looking.
  14. CatladyJan

    Question of the Day, Friday, April 2

    Raisin pie - I’ve never tried it but it looks disgusting
  15. CatladyJan

    This poor dog....

    I understand why they brought him back. I think a lot of the issue lies with the Humane Society for not getting this pup training and a large area to run when it was younger.
  16. CatladyJan

    Cat toys!? Suggestions please. Am I doing something wrong

    Just let him play at his own pace. My cats livened up when I got kittens.
  17. CatladyJan

    Cat toys!? Suggestions please. Am I doing something wrong

    As long as you don't suspect he is ill, then it's normal that they don't play everyday or for long periods. Cats sleep up to18 hours a day to 'recharge' for a brief session of playing. IF you've rule out illness or injury, have you tried some catnip, a box/papper bag, caps off of a bottle?