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    Just need to talk

    I thought that these might be of use to others so I'll post them here: Domestic Abuse Helpline: 1-800-799-SAFE Legal Help: http://www.abanet.org/legalservices/.../freehelp.html http://www.abanet.org/legalservices/...irectory.html#
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    Just need to talk

    I was going to write a lot of junk here, but I just put it into a PM instead...
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    Loose Kitty Poo

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    Stories of the Ridiculous

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    Cat Show Picture

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    Need Some Reassurance

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    CA Earthquake

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    Saturday's DT

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    A Bit of Lightness for Today

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    Litter Fresh Breath

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    Give your kitties an extra hug...

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    How did I miss this news :o ?

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    Help! I need an original Clown name by tomorrow!

    It's late, so perhaps that explains this: Mable Leaf (am I the only one laughing ). Ms, Miss or Mrs Mable Leaf, if you please .
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    Wednesday's DT

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    My Cat Got Out:(

    Have you tried calling the humane society for some more information? Someone there might be able to tell you if you can get there by public transportation. Or, even if they do not usually drop off traps, they might be able to find someone to drop one off to you once they hear your situation.
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    Cat Study

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    Persian's and their teeth