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    keep Mamanyt1953 in your thoughts

    Oh gosh, I hope she will make a good recovery and be back in her own home me soon. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Any ideas?

    I hope you see some improvement on Sunday but Geoffrey couldn't be in more loving and caring hands. Keep us updated.
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    Any ideas?

    It could well be a blood blister or even a little cyst. Has it changed at all in the last 24 hours?
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    keep Mamanyt1953 in your thoughts

    Hope you are out of hospital soon and on the road to recovery @Mamanyt1953 Thanks for letting us know.
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    Is this kitten a boy or girl?

    My guess would be a girl too
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    An electric toothbrush. I brush 3 times a day and floss maybe once a day. I have a check up and cleaning every three months, that's were I was this morning.
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    Feline Acute Bullous Keratopathy (FABK)?

    I hope you find out what it is soon so he can been treated, I'm so sorry he is going through so much and you have the worry of it. If it is EK, my cat had 1% cyclosporine drops, once a day and her eyes cleared up in a matter of a week and remained clear. Please keep us updated.
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    Feline Acute Bullous Keratopathy (FABK)?

    Has your vet considered Eosiliphinic Keratosis. It is linked to herpies and autoimmune issues.
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    I Don't Know What To Do - 15+yo Cat

    As long as she puts on some weight as well as lose some, not ideal, but at least livable with. Hopefully the rest results will be positive and you can relax a little.
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 8th of May.

    I use the time to think things through, organized my brain, plan things, so I like peace and quiet
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    Pinkish area on jaw

    You could use paper plates and throw away after one use, they are cheap and saves on washing up.
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    blood in urine

    You could try Cornsilk, it's an anti inflammatory and all natural. I would also consider a second opinion with a different vet practice. It's a long time for him to have blood in his urine.
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    Pinkish area on jaw

    A little difficult to tell from the photo but looks like acne to me. Do you feed in plastic bowls?. Wash the area several times a day in clean warm water.
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    Haven't been around much but wanted to say hello

    Good to hear from you but sorry your news isn't happier for you. Hope your husband will be home soon and making a speedy recovery.
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    Possessed kitties

    Another one possessed.
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    Tummy Trouble

    Is the litter scooped after every use, some cats don't like using a litter tray if it's dirty. As for the diarrhoea, you could try adding pure pumpkin, no additives, to her food or try S Boulardii, I have had a lot of success with it.
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    Urgent blocked male cat dilemma, please help

    I give a quarter of a teaspoon in a little water and syringe it in once a day or an eighth twice a day. I tend to only give it for a week, that and the Cornsilk seem to do the trick
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    Urgent blocked male cat dilemma, please help

    It could well be stress related that's causing him to block. What exactly did the vet find, any debris in the bladder, what was the blockage? Have a look at D-Mannose and Cornsilk, they help my cat with stress related UTI.
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    I don't drink milk, I need to know it's good really fresh and I drink black coffee.