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  1. trisha422

    7 Cats...litter Costing A Fortune!!!

    I have 7 cats and order litter from *3 upstairs cats : uses a mix of frisco brand grass litter and Buffalo Blue walnut litter *2 downstairs cats and 2 outdoor cats: uses a mix of buffalo Blue walnut litter and World's Best The cost is about $75 a month! I don't want to use clay...
  2. trisha422

    Chronic And Inconsistent Diarrhea..contagious...what Is This?! Help!!!!!

    I could sure use some help..any advice is appreciated. short history: I adopted my kitten 6 months ago and came to me with diarrhea. The antibiotics, antidiarrhea meds, and panacur didn't help. The only thing that helped a little was a novel protein diet of rabbit and home cooked lamb. she...
  3. trisha422

    Lamb Meat In The Crock-pot For 12 Hours....

    I fell asleep on the couch last night and i left 4lbs of lamb meat in the Crock-Pot for 12 hours. I'm assuming its mostly depleted of nutrition...?
  4. trisha422

    How Much To Feed Home Cooked?

    My kitty is fully transitioned to cooked lamb and in the beginning stages of adding EZ complete. She is 7lb 6oz. I have been feeding her 2oz container cubes (picture attached) 2x a day. On the measuring scale each container came out to a little over 1oz weight of meat not including liquid...
  5. trisha422

    Food Intolerance... How Do I Know?

    I can see you have a wealth of knowledge on IBD cats! Yes, IBD is sooooo frustrating since its so mysterious. She was never properly diagnosed via ultrasound or biopsy. Based on her history and symptoms, 2 different vets (conventional and holistic) agreed it's IBD. I didn't know better then, but...
  6. trisha422

    Food Intolerance... How Do I Know?

    yea, it's so tough with IBD cause I don't know if she's having a flare up or intolerance to new food/supplemets. Guess I have to go with my gut and do the best I can. Thanks for the advice!
  7. trisha422

    Some Alerts Not Appearing

    I just checked my previous posts and saw I have a couple of responses but no alert. I did get an alert that I was tagged in this thread. I'll try the reset thing as well. Thanks
  8. trisha422

    Bone Broth Help...

    I'm trying to make bone broth out of RABBIT bones (the only protien my cats seems to be able to tolerate at the moment). I looked up how to cook it online. It says that you know when it's done when the bones are soft and easy to break apart. They suggested 8-24 hours. The bones have been in...
  9. trisha422

    Food Intolerance... How Do I Know?

    It's lamb leg and I cooked it in the crock pot for 4 hours. It seemed like a very lean peice and I trimmed away the little fat that was on there. I left a tiny bit cause I wasn't sure if it was important for them to have some fat in the diet. I know, I shouldn't have started with lamb but I...
  10. trisha422

    Food Intolerance... How Do I Know?

    Sorry about the late response. I'm not getting notifications when someone does. She is currently on no meds. She's 10 months old and I am trying every alternative remedy before I go to extreme measures as steroids or long term antibiotics. If I go that route, I will want an internal medicine...
  11. trisha422

    Food Intolerance... How Do I Know?

    My cat is diagnosed with IBD so her stool is constantly changing in textures despite me trying to aggressively control her symptoms. Right now her stool is pudding and watery.... With that said, I started her transition to cooked food this evening (she can't tolerate raw). I gave her half a...
  12. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    Perhaps in the future. Everything I have tried has caused her to have bloody diarrhea. Nature's variety rabbit has been her only saving grace but even with that she still has flare ups with blood and mucus in her stool. I have to introduce things very slowly. Would be great if/when she can eat...
  13. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    Yea, it's has beef and I was told by my kitty's holistic vet to avoid beef that is not grass fed and from factory farm cause it can cause inflammation. ‍♀️
  14. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    Yes, I got a sample of ez complete. I'm going to see if she does well on the cooked rabbit first, and then add the ez complete if that goes well. She's soooo sensitive! She has a reaction to everything!!! I guess a quality can food with no yucky ingredients was too optimistic to believe. I...
  15. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    I haven't found a lamb or venison commercial food without poultry in the ingredients. I'm pretty sure my little girl is intolerant to poultry cause different brands , including freeze dried raw, gave her bloody diarrhea. I'm in the USA so kangaroo meat is even more inaccessible for me..the koha...
  16. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    Looks like all can foods are!
  17. trisha422

    Agar Agar... So What's The Deal?

    My cat was diagnosed with IBD since I adopted her 4 months ago and I have been aggressive in trying to treat her symptoms. It seems she can only tolerate rabbit (of course the most expensive meat). She had been eating Nature's Variety wet Rabbit LID and I was told peas are bad for cats in...
  18. trisha422

    Possible Giardia...get A Second Opinion?

    My little girl has had poop of all consistencies, from liquid, to pudding, and soft solid with bloody mucus always in the 4 months I've had her. She was diagnosed with IBD and every remedy hasn't worked for her. A new alternative medicine vet suggested giardia and upon research I've done...
  19. trisha422

    Exactly How Important Is It To Feed Your Cat Different Proteins?

    My condolences on the loss of your sweet baby. I have a cat that is batteling IBD as well and she seems to only tolerate rabbit, which is very costly.
  20. trisha422

    People With Ibd Cats: What Are You Feeding Them?

    Thank you. I joined the FB group and the creator and I had a little falling out so they no longer want to help me. But I tried raw and it has not been pretty.