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  1. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Experiencing weird glitches on the site

    Hello. I have been experiencing weird glitches recently. I have gotten a few security errors on the site. I have done virus scans with nothing found. I also did a anti Spyware scams to be safe with nothing found. I haven't got this security notification today, but have had experienced...
  2. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Unemployment Insurance Fraud (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment) is Greatly on the Rise.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I want to warn everyone that Unemployment Fraud (PEU benefits) is on the rise nationwide and in some states it is at an epic levels. Someone is trying to collect PEU benefits under my deceased love one's name. They got a hold of SS# from a...
  3. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Have not had Access to Moving Emoticons for Sometime.

    It has be a quite a while since I had access to the moving Emoticon feature. Everything is faded out from that tray so I can't use it. Is there any reason why it is not working for me(e.g. only allowed for limited time)? Could you please let me know. Thanks.🙂
  4. Whenallhellbreakslose

    I Believed my Neighbor Lied about taking care of The Cats on the Block

    First off, I like to say I am sorry for having to put up a post like this. However, with that said I am upset with a cat feeder and neighbor who I had a fallen out with months ago. I was asked by her husband at that time to look for help in getting some of the cats off the streets. I did that...
  5. Whenallhellbreakslose

    I am very concerned over the Elderly and Disabled during lockdown.

    Hi everyone. I just want to share this as I am saddened to keep hearing about elderly or disabled people slipping through the cracks during this lockdown. Now more than ever we have to check on our elderly neighbors and see if they need help. I think people may be afraid to do this anymore...
  6. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Post yout Favorite Cat videos.

    What are your favorite cat videos? Feel free to share them here. Here are a few of mine. Enjoy. I can relate to this one. 😂 What's yours? 😃
  7. Whenallhellbreakslose

    What Measures do you take to boost your Immune System this time of year?

    Hello, I just thought I put up a health question asking the members about what actions, supplements, foods/drinks, other things do you normally do or take to boost your immune system during cold/flu season? How are you increasing your immune booster protocol in the face of this Covid 19...
  8. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Got a msg when logging in saying site redirected me numerous times?

    As mentioned in title, I got that msg while logging in. However, I was able to successfully login despite receiving this msg. I was not logged in the account before I just logged in this evening. I have checked the stay logged in box when logging in, but I get logged out eventually. It never...
  9. Whenallhellbreakslose

    A question about Animal Rescue/TNR groups blacklists?

    Hello, I wasn't going to put up another thread for so soon, but this question has been bothering me for a while and I think because of this blowout with my neighbor (via email), I may be put on a blacklist. What leads me to believe this is: 1) How the TNR group did not want to hear my concerns...
  10. Whenallhellbreakslose

    Need advice about trapping dying cat and also a question about post tnr cat population.

    Hello everyone. I am starting a new thread because I need advice trapping a dying backyard kitty. He seems trap-wise. I had a trap at a key location, he is always seen at. I had the trap out for a long while with no luck. I was not feeling well yesterday and had to give it up. Not even a half...
  11. Whenallhellbreakslose

    At my Wit's End with being attacked over feeding cats

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I chose this crazy user name because I am in between a rock and a hard place and the attacks are getting nastier and nastier each day-so it sums up things pretty well. I am a struggling unemployed cat feeder who scrapes by in feeding the outdoor cats and trying to...