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  1. jekyllsmummy

    Spaying 3 year old cat.

    Hi, I'm not sure if I've posted in the right part but here goes! My cat is 3 years old and tomorrow she's getting spayed, finally. I wish I had of been in the position to have done it when she was younger but she had other health issues that needed my attention and money first...
  2. jekyllsmummy

    Suddenly clingy

    My cat is 2 and a half years old. In the last couple of weeks she's turned into this clingy cat who constantly meows and purrs. But, only after 5pm. That's when both my partner and I are home together. At first I just thought she was maturing into a loving cat as from the day we got her she was...
  3. jekyllsmummy

    Blocked salivary gland

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I took my cat into the vet as he had been drooling a fair bit over the weekend and had barely eaten. I had to leave him there so the vet could get a second opinion. Upon picking him back up i was told that he has a blocked salivary gland. And that there is a large lump...
  4. jekyllsmummy

    Cat bitten by something.

    Firstly I'd just like to note that I have contacted a vet. Unfortunately my local one doesn't run an after hours clinic so I was referred to another. They will not see me unless I pay the after hours consultation which is around $237, sadly with too many people promising to pay and never...
  5. jekyllsmummy

    Swapping to Hills z/d

    My cat is on Royal Canins Hypoallergenic biscuits. He's been having them for about a year now and we've recently been to the vet because he's breaking out in scabs again which is what happens when he doesn't have he's prescription biscuits. Now the vet seems to think he's developed an allergy...
  6. jekyllsmummy

    Bonjela - Teething gel.

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else has been told that bonjela helps to sooth the pain of mouth ulcers on a cat. Tonight Jekyll was taken to the vet about he's scabs flaring up due to he's food allergies and we found that he's formed ulcers again all over he's tounge. He was given...
  7. jekyllsmummy

    How common is pillow foot?

    My cat is suffering from pillow foot, again. This is the third time in 12 months. (Would of been four but we stopped it in time, that was about 2 months ago.) Does every cat get this at some stage? All the vet does is send me home with steroid/antibiotic tablets and it usually goes away...
  8. jekyllsmummy

    Where is everybody from?

    Jekyll and I reside in Sydney, Australia!
  9. jekyllsmummy

    Recently started dribbling alot.

    My boy is 1 and a half years old. I know that us humans sometimes dribble a little while we're sleeping but as of about a week ago (which is the first time I've noticed it) my cat wakes up and he's mouth and neck is absolutely saturated wet, like he's been playing in water. I study from home...
  10. jekyllsmummy

    Food allergies!

    How many other cats out there suffer from food allergies? My boy is on a strict diet of royal cannins hyperallergenic biscuits.
  11. jekyllsmummy

    Laxating Patella!

    My boys Name is Jex. He's just an average domestic short hair, born January 17th 2012. Earlier this year I found that he started to have a slight limp, which lasted about 4 days.. (I took him to the vet on day 2) which is when he was diagnosed with a Laxating Patella in he's right leg. The vet...