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  1. GGG

    Giving probiotics

    Hello, I posted a couple of days ago regarding Skye (my kitty) having diarrhea once a day, no changes in diet, eating and drinking normally, activity level normal.... I spoke to the vet and I was told to keep an eye on her, but if it continues for a couple of days, to give her some...
  2. GGG

    Is it funny that someone wants to brush their cat teeth?

    Hello, So today, I was looking into skye's mouth just checking her teeth... so I thought to myself that maybe I should start brushing her teeth ( I know some people do and some don't) so I posted on a group asking what toothpaste do people recommend.... I just like to ask for opinions, well...
  3. GGG

    Having diarrhea

    Hello all, Last night when I was cleaning Skye's litter box, I noticed she had once maybe twice diarrhea and today she had it once. No changes in her diet, no signs of illness, playful and happy, eating and drinking normal like usual, had her vet yearly checkup not to long ago, up to date...
  4. GGG

    Yellow liquid with something like a hairball

    Hello all, I woke up this morning to find some yellow liquid with something like a hairball in it, I don't know if Skye ( my cat) actually threw up or if she peed outside the box (I've never seen how her pee looks like other than on a clump in the litter box) I'm worried... she is acting...
  5. GGG

    On a harness

    Hello all, Just need some advice... Our kitty is 2 y/o indoor ONLY but... my kids have been bugging me about putting her on a harness and taking her outside with us while we're are sitting on our porch or fence backyard to sit with us. ( no walks down the street or anything like that) just with...
  6. GGG

    My cat lost a tooth

    Hello all, So, I just found one of my cat teeth on the floor. She had absolutely no signs of any unconfort in her mouth, no change in her eating habits... I'm chocked, don't know what to do or think. She's 2 years old. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced anything like that? Thank you!!
  7. GGG

    My cat is acting unusual, please help

    Hello all, So on Friday evening Skye all of a sudden started to run with her mouth open, she didn't let me pick her up. On Saturday she started to run, walk fast and sit in places that she didn't usual sit, like trying to hide. This morning she was in my room ( walking closet) sitting behind...
  8. GGG

    I'm Upset, Need To Talk It Out

    I'm so upset, just need to talk it out I posted earlier regarding Skye getting sick from a medication " Metacam " it just didn't agree with her belly, the vet got her off it and put her on probiotics, which didn't take either I'm worried to my stomach, I want to cry... I can get Skye to eat...
  9. GGG

    Going In The Litter Box Too Many Times

    Hello all, I'm a little concerned and I'm hopeful someone can help me... So, Skye eats (wet and dry. Mostly wet food) drinks from a water fountain, normal behavior.... she does her normal litter box use daily but in between use, I noticed that she goes in her box a few times and just does a...
  10. GGG

    Vet Says Not To Feed Grain Free Food To Cats

    Hello, I feed my fur friend Grain free wet and dry food. Our veterinarian wants me to switch the dry food from grain free to Not grain free. I feed Skye (my kitty) Wet: Almo Nature, weruva, Cat in the kitchen, snappy Tom, Pride and Fancy Feast ( I have to rotate because she doesn't like to...
  11. GGG

    Rabies Vaccine For Indoor Only Cat?

    Hello, My furry friends Skye is just over a year now and she's due for her yearly checkup. Do you vaccinate for rabies? If so, do you do the 1year or 3 years vaccine? Thank you!!
  12. GGG

    Do You Give Bath To Your Indoor Only Fur Friend?

    Hello, I've never given my kitty a bath, she's an indoor ONLY cat, she's 1 year old. Do I have to bathe her once in a while? Thanks
  13. GGG

    Why Is She Acting Like That?

    Hi all, So Skye is been great all day. After she had her dinner she started to run all around the house like CRAZY (never seen her do that before)then liking the side of her right back leg then run again and hide under the bed with her mouth open. She'll come out and keep running and liking...
  14. GGG

    She's Mad At Me For Not Giving Her Dry Food.

    Just need to talk it out Skye has ALWAYS preferred dry food over wet food ( she purred like crazy and loud when she ate dry food). It's always a challenge to get her to eat wet food, like really... a challenge! I've cut down the dry and increased the wet food, it worked the first few days...
  15. GGG

    Need To Add A New Litter Box For One Day

    Hello, We're have a family gathering soon and I'm going to keep my kitty in a safe room ( my bedroom which she is very comfortable in) because I don't want her to be scared or nervous being around a lot of people. She will have food, water, toys, bed and her big condo too. I put a litter box...
  16. GGG

    Cold Wet Food?

    Hello, I've discovered that my kitty likes cold wet food, does anyone else's cat likes the food cold? Is bad for them to eat it cold? Thanks
  17. GGG

    I Want To Stop Giving Dry Food

    Hello, I'm trying to stop giving Skye dry food or at least during the day and just leave out a little kibble at night time because the older she gets the more she likes it. She's 9 months old now and very healthy. I am having trouble accomplishing that, many times she won't touch the wet food...
  18. GGG

    Change Dry Food

    Hi there, Our kitty eats wet and dry food, she is almost 9 months old now and since very little she's been on Purina veterinarian diet Essential care for kitten ( only sold at the vet's office) and it's some how pricey, I'm looking in the option of switching to a more affordable dry food but...
  19. GGG

    Being Around A Big Group Of People?

    Hello all, We're having a family gathering, between 25 to 30 people. Skye is used to be around groups of people but not that big, how can I prevent her from getting stressed out or ease the stress? As soon as I go to my room (to bed) she goes with me! I have an extra bowl of water in my room...
  20. GGG

    Is Almo Nature A Good Diet?

    Hello, I am a little confused about Almo Nature cat wet food, I read on line that is a complete diet and also read that is not. Does anyone feed this food to their kitties as a full meal? Skye really likes it but I want to make sure that it's okay to feed it to her as a meal ( she's on wet and...