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  1. PMousse

    Senior Cat Lethargic - Just Getting Old Or Something Wrong?

    I adopted my 14yo Ruckus in May of this year after fostering him. The vets at the shelter gave him a clean bill of health just before adoption, with blood work done. Two weeks ago I took him to my vet as his vaccines were due-- Rabies and FVRCP. The vet did a quick physical exam only (no senior...
  2. PMousse

    Is My Senior Cat Lonely?

    Hi everyone, 9 months ago I started fostering a bonded pair of senior cats. Endora was 15 and Ruckus was 13 and they came from the same household. They were in palliative care because Endora had health issues. 3 months ago, Endora passed away (RIP my lovely gal) and Ruckus became adoptable, so...
  3. PMousse

    New Fosters, Old Cats

    Hi everyone, I've been fostering two senior citizens since September of last year. They are a bonded pair of older cats in long-term palliative foster. So they aren't "new" in any sense, but I very much hope that they'll stay around for a long time, and I've finally got around to organizing the...
  4. PMousse

    In Loving Memory Of Ashton

    Two Thursdays ago, I lost my precious Ashton. It began as a most ordinary Thursday. I came home after work. As usual I put her in her harness and leash and let her enjoy the balcony--she LOVED to bathe under the sun there. And as usual I secured her leash so she couldn't get too close to the...
  5. PMousse

    News: 'grain-free' Dog Food May Be Linked To Deadly Heart Disease

    I came across this article from CBC and want to share it here. 'Grain-free' dog food may be linked to deadly heart disease | CBC News
  6. PMousse

    How To Increase A Cat's Confidence In Unfamiliar Places?

    My cat, Ashton, is confident and relaxed at home. She never hides from strangers, but comes right up to them and their belongings and sniff them (although she doesn't like them touching her). And I've been regularly inviting people over so that she gets regular "practice" of meeting strangers...
  7. PMousse

    Happy 1st Birthday To Ashton!

    Today is my cat's 1st birthday. 8 months ago I began fostering her as she was undergoing some medical treatment. A month later I realized that I could not part with her and decided to adopt her. I still remember the moment I signed the adoption paper - the nervousness of committing to the...
  8. PMousse

    Cat Growls When Playing With Wand Toy

    My cat has lost interest in her normal wand toy recently so I bought a Da Bird feather one (apparently super popular among cats). I had two play sessions with her today with this toy and she was super interested in it and played for a long time - even held it in her mouth and walked around the...
  9. PMousse

    When Does A Cat Grow Up From Kitty To Adult?

    When does a kitten become an adult, and what behavior-related changes happen when kitten grows up? I'm asking because my calico, who is 8 months old this week, hasn't been as active as before (I've had her for two months). Our play sessions are very short nowadays because she either has no...
  10. PMousse

    What Are These? Vomit Or Something Else?

    I need your help. I came back home tonight and saw a few pools of clear liquid with foam in them around the bathroom. At first I thought it was pee, but it didn't smell at all and she's never had a littler problem before. It was still wet so it must not be long before I came home. Then near the...
  11. PMousse

    Preventing Counter-surf: A Worthy Battle Or A Lost Cause?

    My 6-month-old sweet girl has been with me for 3 weeks now. From Day 1 I've been training her to be off the counter but to no avail. I cover the counter with aluminum foil--in two days she decided she doesn't mind walking on it. So I added double-sided tape taped to some cardboards--she...
  12. PMousse

    My Cat Ate A Bug (gross!) Should I Be Worried?

    Hi y'all! This morning, instead of greeting me after I came out of the bedroom, my cat stared intently at the living room curtain. Turned out that there was a bug crawling on it (After some google image search that made my stomach turn, I think it's a silverfish - one of those with an oval body...
  13. PMousse

    Understanding Cat's Stool

    I can't believe I'm asking about stools :dunno:...but since they are important, telling signs of a cat's health, I want to be educate myself about them. So here it goes (and these may be super elementary questions so pls bear with me) - I see other posts discussing soft stools or blood in...
  14. PMousse

    Hello! First Time Cat Mom Here!

    Not only is she my first ever cat, she's my first ever pet! I fostered her for several weeks, and every day as she crawled into my lap for pets, she crawled into my heart. When the foster period was over and she was ready for adoption, I just couldn't let her go. But I'm having a hard time...
  15. PMousse

    Is This Biting Behavior Normal?

    Hi all! First-time ever cat owner here. I was a foster parent of a 6 months old kitty but decided to adopt her when the foster period was up. She was kept in a big crate for medical reasons while on foster (per instructions of the shelter's vet) but has free roam of my home since her adoption...