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  1. oava

    Oh my heart is aching...

    mY WONDERFUL CAT Cosmo is no longer here with me after 13 yrs he was put down ..he was so ill due to kidney poison. he was to weak to make it...Someday I well see my baby on the other I am gonna miss my kitty..
  2. oava


    How do you unsubscribe from this cate site? no help anywhere...
  3. oava

    Hey ALL!!

    Haven't been on in awhile,actually a year ...doesn't seem possible... but true. Been nursing my self back to good health .Was in the hospital last year. My Appendix died and Gangreen set in. Was a rough ride. But with the grace of God I am here and still hello to all of you. and a...
  4. oava

    ying and yang

    the only way to sleep....buds to the end.
  5. oava

    Naptime Hugs

    Hello to all at TCS. I justed posted in the wrong place. It sure has been awhile since I've been here to vist as I just put a picture in the companion spot wrong place as these are my cats. oops!sorry. I should of looked a little closer. happy new year to all.
  6. oava

    Sleeping Buddies

    These boys sleep in the funniest ways....There 10 years old, Cosmo and Newman. They are the heart of the house Been away from the site for awhile.. life just seems to fly by....Hello to all
  7. oava

    Best Buddys:)

    Its been awhile since I have checked in. Hi to all. New picture of my boys. pals to the end
  8. oava

    Wow!! its been a year already!!

    I came to this cat site last December.Time does fly.A year already. I been busy this summer with 2 weddings, a month apart. Both of my daughters were married. We now have 2 son in laws both named Josh. O ne was married in August and the other in September.Whew!!! We now have the empty nest...
  9. oava


    I was wondering when are the pictures comming out of the members? Can't wait to see them all. I like how you have it setup. in the members list....
  10. oava

    cosmo exercising with his mommy.

    Every time I exercise on the floor...Cosmo thinks I need to have more He is a hoot..
  11. oava

    My Snuggle Boys!!

  12. oava

    a question about cat food

    Do any of you know a brand of cat food with out corn in it... Corn is a fuller my cat throws up any catfood with corn filler. We found a brand Felidae its 29.95 A LITTLE SPENDING but well worth it .The cats only do it once inwhile.They say cats don't generally eat corn. They are meat...
  13. oava

    I'm sitting pretty for you !!

    This is my Cosmo,the other day we were taking down pictures and there was a chair by the wall, Cosmo hopped up on the chair.He started to chew on a nail sticking out. ALL OF A SUDDEN HE DECIDED TO PULL IT OUT WITH HIS TEETH. He yanked it out and tryed to chew on it ,scared the crap out of me...
  14. oava

    Newman wants outside Now!!

    This is Newman a little mad,because he could'nt go out to play poor
  15. oava

    when do we become a member?

    When are we considered a member? and not a guest. I was looking to see who was on line and did'nt see my name.
  16. oava

    Heres Newmam.

  17. oava

    Heres Cosmo.

    this is my lap kittie,or as we call him our special cat.
  18. oava

    New pictures of my boys

    Cosmo on the left, he's my cuddle baby, and Newman is on the right. Newman thinks he is king of the castle.
  19. oava

    These are my boys

    Here's one of many to come of my kittys. Newman is sticking out of the bag, cosmo is checking him out. Sure is neat to post pictures once you figure how to do it.
  20. oava

    new member

    Hi all, I thought I would give this a try, Its nice to see there are so many cat lovers out there. chow for now.