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  1. NewYork1303

    Swelling Around The Face And Eye

    This morning I found that Carrot had one eye crusted shut with goo and a scab on his nose. I asked my husband about it and apparently he's been unsticking his eye for the last two days, so I didn't notice anything wrong. His cheek is swelling up also. We have a vet appointment, but I just don't...
  2. NewYork1303

    A Beautiful End To A Beautiful Life

    Not a cat I'm mourning, but the loss of my beautiful Malamute, Luna. Last night she was having trouble breathing and her stomach was filling with fluid. So we called the vet and took her on her last car ride. As we loaded her into the car on her dog bed she perked up. She always loved the car...
  3. NewYork1303

    Tractor Supply Canned Food

    So I am still trying to find something to replace Sheba in my rotation since I am not dealing with the perfect portions nonsense. I've heard Tractor Supply might be a good option to go with, but which flavors/varieties are ones that are the best quality? There seems to be a lot of variation with...
  4. NewYork1303

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2018

    Happy New Year! Never really understood this particular holiday. Just the calendars turning over really. But oh well.
  5. NewYork1303

    Peeing On Dog Bed

    I have a cat (Carrot) who has been peeing on different things since we brought him home a few years ago. He started out by peeing on the bed and peeing on just about anything left on the floor. The solution to this was closing him out of the bedroom and keeping blankets, towels, and clothing out...
  6. NewYork1303

    Ideas On Teaching A Cat To Jump A Dog Gate

    We're going to get a puppy sometime this winter or spring, so we are working with the cats now to make sure they have personal space to get away from the dog. We are going to have a dog gate in the hall so the cats will have access to their bedroom and the office without any dog being around...
  7. NewYork1303

    Teeth Brushing And Teeth Cleaning

    Carrot is having his dental done next Friday. We usually brush our cats teeth every day. Is there a point where we should stop doing this prior to his dental? How long should we wait after it to resume?
  8. NewYork1303

    Preventing Behavior Problems During a Move

    My husband and I will be moving with our three cats probably around the 21st of this month. The house is only around 17 miles away from where we live now. We are trying to help prevent behavior problems during this process by doing the right things for our cats to make it easy for them to...
  9. NewYork1303

    Cats Squabbling After Months of Being Civil

    We adopted our third cat, Ruby, back on July 21st after which we went through a slow introduction to introduce her to our two resident cats Carrot (male) and Angua (female). There was a bit of normal hissing at first but they soon became friends and started playing with each other. There was...
  10. NewYork1303

    Torbie? Spotted tabby? Something else?

    This is our new kitty. She has the very typical tabby M shape on her forehead, but doesn't have the target pattern on her side that I'm used to with my orange tabby, Carrot. What does this make her? Still a tabby or is she more likely to be a tabby and something else mixed together. Obviously...
  11. NewYork1303

    Logistics of Feeding Canned Food to Three Cats

    This might be a really stupid question, but here goes. I am adopting a third cat and want to know how to split up the cans now. Carrot and Angua used to share a 3oz of food morning and evening or 3oz of the six ounce cans that we have of Weruva.  Do I just open two 3oz cans and divide those...
  12. NewYork1303

    Ideas about Acana?

    So my cats usually eat Nutrisca dry food as approximately half of the food they eat in a day (the rest is a canned food rotation of Fancy Feast, Sheba, Nutro, Weruva, and Wellness).  In the last year, they've raised the price on this food making it about 35 dollars for a 13 pound bag.  Since...
  13. NewYork1303

    Cat Purrs Before Eating

    I never fed cats on a scheduled diet before now, so I never noticed before. Before I put down the food, my cats purr with anticipation. Does anyone else have cats that purr before a meal? I've heard of cats meowing for food, but never purring.
  14. NewYork1303

    Worried About Surgery & Recovery

    Tomorrow my one year old cat is going in for surgery to have at least two claws/underdeveloped toes and possibly two additional toes removed surgically. This thread has the background story on it:  Selective Declaw On Polydactyl Cat​   Basically the two underdeveloped toes are causing her a...
  15. NewYork1303

    Pain Medications for Claw/Toe Amputations

    I have been reviewing the estimate that my vet gave me for the claw/toe amputation she will be doing on my cat on Tuesday. My cat is having two claws/incompletely formed toes from between the extra toes on her front feet. These are the pain management meds that are listed: Torbugesic injection...
  16. NewYork1303

    New Cat Tower

    My cats are very excited today because they got their new cat tower. It is 7ft tall. They already love it.
  17. NewYork1303

    FeLV Vaccine for Cat Who Takes Occassional Walks?

    It is coming up to the time of the year where my cat needs to have his shots. I was wondering if it is necessary for him to have the FeLV vaccine. He is an indoor cat, living with another cat who is FeLV negative. He does go outside for brief walks, but rarely leaves the porch for these walks...
  18. NewYork1303

    Selective Declaw on Polydactyl Cat

    I have a cat that is almost exactly 1 year old now. For a while, we've been having a lot of problems with a specific claw that she has. It is a claw that grows between the main part of her foot and the extra "thumb" toe that she has on the front feet.  It looks like this: It has always been a...
  19. NewYork1303

    Changing Up My Wet Food Rotation- Completely Confused!

    Continuing with the saga of giving wet food to my cats. I have been feeding both of my cats a partial canned food diet for three months now. My younger cat loves canned food and scarfs it up. My 3 year old cat doesn't like it. I have gotten him to the point where he eats at least five or six...
  20. NewYork1303

    Cats and Their Human Companions

    I recently heard someone on the radio talking about how antisocial and unfriendly cats are. They're so much more loving than people who don't have cats know! Post your pictures of cats and their human companions that show how loving and wonderful cats are. I'll start. This is my fiance with on...