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  1. kittycatnap

    Cute Kittens! Show Them Off!!!!

    Do you have some cute kittens to share??? I really love looking at kittens! Haha!  Their cute little noses and oh they're adorable! Show them off! Here is Honey, 1 of Tooty's 3 kittens!  By the way, Tooty is my profile picture.
  2. kittycatnap

    My Kitty, My Life

    Hey, I'm new my name is Aimee, and this is my little monster Tiger... Yes, there is a reason his name is Tiger! Tiger got his name because he has a tabby coat, and he also likes to play with his claws! He is a really sweet boy. He doesn't really care for cuddling, but yeah that's my kitty. -...