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  1. susank521

    What does this guy look like?

    New guy at a feral feeder this morning. What does he look like? He's certainly not feral and is very vocal. Announced his presence from within the weeds before presenting himself (typical of non-ferals). Thin, full of tics, infected eyes; normal stuff for a guy living the rough life.
  2. susank521

    Wounds of unknown origin (warning: photos)

    Milly is a 12 year old indoor cat. In March I found a wound on her left side that I can only describe as a hole. In no way did it look anything like a bite. It was not a puncture wound, but more like a gouge out of her body. In the next couple of days I thought that the wound/hole had expanded...
  3. susank521

    Something special or just a beautiful tabby?

    New arrival at my feral feeder this week. He/she has got little tufts at the top of his ears and looks to be more spotted than striped on his sides.  Isn't he/she beautiful?
  4. susank521

    Stopped receiving Daily Digest

    I just noticed that the last Daily Digest I received was on July 29, 2014 though I'm still receiving thread updates. I've checked my subscriptions and I still have selections marked as Daily Digest. The digests are not in a spam or deleted items folder. Thanks for any help!
  5. susank521

    Panacur (fenbendazole) dosage for lungworm

    After reading an article last week about lungworm and heartworm and the specific damage they can do to the lungs I asked the vet to take another look at Hollywood's radiographs with a view to a parasite infection. The vet agreed that lungworm could be a possibility and it would do no harm to...
  6. susank521

    Cheeto progress

    Cheeto allowed me to pet him outside of the kennel yesterday!!    
  7. susank521

    Zyrtec (Cetirizine) for Stomatitis

    My stomatitis kitty, Simon, had been symptom-free from last August until 3 weeks ago, when spring made it's first timid promise. This is the same time of year that his problem first presented last year. I am not fortunate enough to have a feline specialist close by (or even a vet where cats are...
  8. susank521

    TNR Recuperation set-up

    I use the small porch (4' x 8') attached to Dewey's Cat Castle as the recuperation area for my TNR kitties. I've got dog cages that I use for this purpose and, in the past, have always just stacked the cages on top of each other. I have the cats put in carriers post-op and transitioning the...
  9. susank521

    Asthma / Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Hollywood, one of my Evac Cats, is about 3-1/2 years old and, like many of the Evac Cats, has what the vet terms as asthma, but to me is more comparable to whatever the feline version of pulmonary fibrosis is called. Hollywood's is the worst case and she's down to about 30% lung capacity now...
  10. susank521

    I never claimed they were all geniuses!

    The top number, 61°, is the temp inside the condos. The bottom number, 38°, is the temp inside the kennel. There are 5 cats inside the condos. Those are the smart ones. And then here's some of the not-so-smart ones.....
  11. susank521

    Sweet Sixteen

    This is my sweet little gentleman, Cookie. He's very polite and always eager to welcome newcomers. He's 16-1/2 years old.  We'd love to see photos of other 16 year-olds!
  12. susank521

    Could the kittens have survived?

    As I was approaching the parking lot one early morning last September (I think) I saw a previously unknown tabby carry a kitten across the road, through the parking lot, and down the hill behind my Dumpster Cats' feeding station. Quite a long run for a momma with a mouthful of kitten, and she...
  13. susank521


    Is the information here still accurate? And does it have anything to do with the numbers on the left, eg. 16?
  14. susank521

    Growth under skin

    Has anyone else ever seen this? We first discovered this on Scooter last April and I can't remember now what it was called, but supposedly was nothing to worry about. It was about the size of an English pea then. Seems that it has grown since then so I'm going to take her to the vet next week...
  15. susank521

    Bob tailed boy - breed or mutation?

    Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether this fellow might have any kind of special ancestry. His tail is 1-1/2" to 2" long. Bobby showed up here about 2 years ago as an adult male, approximately 4 years old so I have no idea as to his parentage. He had suffered a serious head/face...
  16. susank521

    Threads started but not listed in profile

    Clicking on "My Profile" > "Threads Started" results in only two findings. What am I doing wrong that I can't see the other threads I've started? Thanks!
  17. susank521

    Cat Bunk Bed

    There are so many cat beds, buckets and baskets in our house, we thought we might be able to consolidate them by making some bunk beds. So, today I made a cat bunk bed. Here's the prototype:  That's Milly & Scooter checking it out. Both bunks have been occupied by one cat or another since I...
  18. susank521

    What's your cat's favorite canned food?

    Please share what your cat's favorite canned food is. My Bobby won't touch canned food. Could be because of a bad association with it (it took me 10 months to catch him for neutering and the little hooligan never did go in the trap, but that's another story) then 9 months later he became very...
  19. susank521

    Is FIV & FeLV testing necessary?

    I would like to know others' opinion regarding the FIV & FeLV tests. Lately, no matter the issue, it seems that every time I take a cat to the vet (I use two different ones frequently) their first suggestion is to do a combo test. None of my cats live by themselves, they live in groups (for...