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  1. missymotus

    CFA registration stats 2012

    The CFA Central Office has released registration statistics for calendar year 2012. Of CFA's 42 recognized breeds, three breeds account for 58% of all registrations: Persian continue as the top breed (30%) followed by Exotic (16%) and Maine Coon Cat (12%). RANKBREED RANKBREED1Persian 22Japanese...
  2. missymotus

    CFA world show - best of the best

    The CFA World Show was held in Ohio last weekend, 1000 cats competed over 2 days. This is a video of the finals, the best of the best.
  3. missymotus

    How many different breeds do we have here?

    Wondering how many different breeds we have here, and by breed I do mean a cat purchased from a breeder. My cats are all Ocicats, a few show neuters that got me started in the breed and the rest breeding cats. Their colours are tawnys, chocolates, chocolate silvers, black silver and blue. 
  4. missymotus

    Expecting kittens

    A couple of our girls have been mated and are pregnant. Ashia, our chocolate spotted girl is 34 days along and has a lovely little belly forming. She is expecting chocolate spotted and chocolate spotted silver kittens. Charlotte, our blue spotted girl is 25 days along and has just the...
  5. missymotus

    Feeding dried liver in place of fresh

    I was with another breeder this morning picking up our meat orders, both our cats readily eat chicken and beef liver but we know another breeder who's cats won't eat liver at all and reject any meat with liver in no matter how small an amount (she feeds meat chunks a few times a week rather than...
  6. missymotus

    Ocicat babies

    With the very hot weather, several days over 105f Malika waited until after midnight to get things going. We've got 4 lovely spotted babies, all good weights 110-120g (I think that's 3.8-4.2oz). Malika is kneading and purring up a storm 3 females and 1 male in black silver, chocolate and...
  7. missymotus

    Time manipulation

    I was just emailing with another breeder how we seem to have some sort of time manipulation going on 21 days to pinking up crawls by, as do the remaining 44 days (or so). Then the next 12 weeks we have the kittens flies by so very quickly .
  8. missymotus

    The Spotted Seven at 11 days

    Ashia's babies are 11 days old now, all doing very well. Very active and growing up fast. Love those baby blues Tawny male Tawny female Black spotted silver female Chocolate male Chocolate spotted silver male #1 Chocolate spotted silver male #2 Chocolate spotted silver...
  9. missymotus

    Count the spots - Ashia's litter

    Ashia had her kittens early this morning, a variety of colours and good balance of sexes.
  10. missymotus

    UC Davies latest HCM report

    I received this report in an email, UC Davies genetic testing of HCM
  11. missymotus

    minimum adopting age (governing body rules)

    Just wondering if the governing bodies in the US (or Canada since I know Sohni is Canadian) have rules about the age kittens can be adopted out. Both associations I belong to have 12 weeks in the code of ethics, other states it's 10 weeks. Breeders can be de-registered if found to be adopting...
  12. missymotus

    Ocicat babies - Malika's kittens

    Malika had her babies yesterday, 4 beautiful spotted bubs. 3 x black spotted silver females 1 x chocolate spotted male Babies and mum are all doing well, kittens were good weights 115-122gm at birth.
  13. missymotus

    Ocicat kitten countdown - 1 week to go

    Malika has just 1 week left of her pregnancy, she's very very round but it hasn't slowed her down, still very active only she waddles now Enjoying some bird watching while the bubs play soccer in her belly She's had an excellent show career so far with some very special comments, can't...
  14. missymotus

    Breed mispronunciations

    Ocicats is a word rarely said correctly by people looking at the breed, usually they say Aussie-Cat or Okky-Cat but last week I had a call from someone calling them Octi-cats. I'm a little worried he'll be disappointed they only have 4 legs A friend who breeds Aby's gets a lot of Abyss-nian...
  15. missymotus

    The xmas tree - 1 month on

    November 17 December 20 The cats have had an absolute ball with the tree There are decorations everywhere, under the lounge, behind the fridge. I'm sure I'll be finding them well into the new year
  16. missymotus

    Mating plans 2010

    Time is fast approaching for our girls to be mated we are planning to send Malika to stud in january or when she calls next (both girls were taken off with accupressure mating) and Ashia in Feb or late Jan if she calls. Malika is black spotted silver carrying chocolate, she will go to a UK...
  17. missymotus

    Show Results

    October 11 - 2 ring show Ring 1 Tim Murphy – ACFA (USA) Best Ocicat exhibit - Malika 5th best group 3 kitten - Ashia 3rd best group 3 kitten - Malika Ring 2 Dr Julia Nicholls Best Ocicat exhibit - Malika 3rd best group 3 kitten - Ashia BEST group 3 kitten - Malika Last show of the...
  18. missymotus

    Show results 27/9

    Two ring show today ring 1 Millie best ocicat or Bengal entire, neuter or kitten 2nd best kitten in group ring 2 ashia best ocicat or bengal entire, neuter or kitten 2nd best in group haven't done side classes yet but they are just fun anyway
  19. missymotus

    The Photo Cube

    The directions are simple. Place item in cube, take photo. Unfortunately, no instructions on what to do if: Your item does a headstand Invites some friends in One item bites another item Item hides under photo cube
  20. missymotus

    Show results 2/8/09

    Another nice day for my girls at a 2 ring show Ring 1 Best Bengal OR Ocicat kitten - Malika 4th best group 3 kittens - Malika (37 exhibits) 9th best group 3 kittens - Ashia (37 exhibits) Best Bengal OR Ocicat neuter - Anastasia 4th best group 3 neuter - Anastasia (34 exhibits) Ring 2 Best...