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  1. banana queen

    Is there any alternative ways to secure a kitten/cat than a wire crate?

    We have a playpen, which was a safe Teddy space when we had just got him, that we used for introductions and times we needed to keep him somewhere safe. Ours is octagon shaped with mesh sides and a waterproof floor, and it folds flat.
  2. banana queen

    there should be a forum just for cat litter

    I recently switched to a litter made of recycled paper pellets, and am pretty impressed with it. It is not dusty at all, doesnt smell, its biodegradable (wouldnt recommend flushing litter though, even if it says its flushable), and its pretty non toxic, although I dont have a dog and probably...
  3. banana queen

    Finding cat food and litter

    Ive been doing my shopping closer to home, as I dont trust public transport at the minute. There is a supermarket within walking distance, but it does not have Amber's favourite food (she wont eat any other wet food) so I have had to order a box on Amazon, as well as cat litter as I have five...
  4. banana queen

    Explain your cat's name

    Socks was named by our former next door neighbour. She came between the two houses, but at the time I couldnt keep her as my mum did not like animals, so the neighbour was the one who took her to the vet and fed her, even if she spent most of her time with me. when I moved out, I asked the...
  5. banana queen

    Does your cat sleep with you?

    Socks sleeps with me. She likes to sleep on my pillow above my head, but also walk across my face at 2am.
  6. banana queen

    Is your cat's meow deep or high?

    Socks sort of goes "mrrp" or "waaa". Izzy is squeaky. Mittens is kind of high pitched but also has a very deep, loud purr. Amber says a high pitched "mee-owwwwwww", Teddy has a baby kitten voice and a purr so loud you can hear him from the other side of the room. He purrs at everything, if I was...
  7. banana queen

    Kitten About to be Spayed But Vaccine Reaction

    Oh isnt she tiny!! Such cute kitties!
  8. banana queen


    Cats are self cleaning unless they are hairless or too old/sick/fat to clean themselves all over effectively, or have a skin condition that requires it. My five cats have had only had a few baths in their entire life, usually because they did something like walk through wet paint or pee in the...
  9. banana queen

    Kitten About to be Spayed But Vaccine Reaction

    She will be fine, its better to do it before, but one heat doesnt increase the risk by that much, its more repeated heats and pregnancies that are the problem. Its much less risky to postpone it for a week or two if she isnt well.
  10. banana queen

    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    Socks: Sockies, Sausage roll, Sausage cat, Sockypies Izzy: Izzles, Izzywizzywoo, Izzers, Izzababy Mittens: Mitty Moo, Mitties, Mittykitty, Moomoo, Mitts Amber: Ambies, Wambywoo, Booboo, Amboo Teddy: Tedders, Mr Theodore Tinypants, Mini Tedders, Teds All together they are Kitters, Kitterkatters...
  11. banana queen

    Kitten About to be Spayed But Vaccine Reaction

    Did your cat have a reaction when she had her first vaccinations, or just the second? Personally, if this reaction was a one off and she has previously had it with no issue, I would have the booster dose on schedule, but then if she has another reaction (and she might not), postpone the spay...
  12. banana queen

    Do your cats have favorite toys?

    Socks doesnt as she's not very into toys. Izzy likes anything on a string, an old shoelace will do too. Mittens prefers rolled up sweaty socks to toys. Amber goes through stages, at the moment it is a blue owl with a feather on the top, she walks around the house meowing and carrying it. Teddy...
  13. banana queen

    Is Heartworm prevention in cats necessary?

    The thing is, everything is a chemical. The whole "scary chemical" thing is manipulative marketing designed to make people doubt science and trust dodgy questionably tested "natural" things. Plenty of natural things can kill cats. Lilies, onions and garlic are all natural, but all highly toxic...
  14. banana queen

    Abondoned my orange tabby and now I want her back

    Why couldnt you have taken the cat to a shelter or sold her to someone instead of dumping her? If you do want the cat back and have a safe place for her to go, go to the area and look for her. Night is better, as lost cats are more likely to come out of hiding when its dark and quiet. Bring...
  15. banana queen

    Oldest and Newest

    Post a picture of your cat when you got them, and how they look now. Socks, first picture in 2013, she was 7 months old. Second picture, she's 7. "I heard meowing at the door and this kitten just walked in, its so friendly" Izzy, first picture 2015, around 5 months. Izzy now, almost 5. "I...
  16. banana queen

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    My little tiger friend Teddy
  17. banana queen

    Black Cats Only

    My house panther trio. Amber, Izzy and Mittens.
  18. banana queen

    What to buy a kitten for safe chewing? (not food)

    My kitten likes silvervine sticks. Apparently they dont have an effect on kittens, I bought them for my older cats ages ago but they didnt take to them, but the kitten just liked them as something to chew on.
  19. banana queen

    Cat hissing at other cat that has lived with them for over 3 years after spay

    It's normal, when our youngest cat was neutered, the other cats hated him for a week. I kept him seperate except for supervised interactions with plenty of food and play (short at first but then for longer times), and also swapped scent. I got a blanket that the cats liked to lie on and rubbed...
  20. banana queen

    Getting Cat Into Carrier

    I have become the expert at quietly approaching sleeping kitties with the carrier open, and shoving them inside before they even have a chance to react. Except Izzy. Izzy loves the carrier and all you have to do is open it and call her name. Sometimes she is in before I have even put the...