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  1. missymotus

    Safe Bell on my kitten

    Kittens are work, and many adults also require multiple play sessions, having more than one kitten can help ;)
  2. missymotus

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    Glad you figured out her box problem :)
  3. missymotus

    Maine Coon?

    $500 is still cheaper, my girls eat 5 times a day while pregnant and nursing let alone the kittens once they start So I hope you're able to get her done ASAP, spaying is rarely found as cheap as in the US, you'd never find $25 spaying here either
  4. missymotus

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    You need to be calm, if you're stressed she will pick up on it Not all girls are 'naturals', some take 24 hours to properly bond during that time she needs to be enclosed in a dark, quiet place. Letting her out to roam will not help her bond
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    What Breed is My Cat?

    The 'breed' will be domestic short or long hair. If you attach a photo we can tell you the colour/pattern
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    Our feral cat just had kittens today.

    Cute kittens, glad things are still going well Many cats take longer than overnight to adjust to newcomers, some can take months. Some cats will adjust instantly, others need a much slower introduction .
  7. missymotus

    Adult Male Cat Sprays A LOT!

    He's spraying because he's a mature boy still entire - it's what boys do, taking him outside will do nothing to stem the spraying and can actually make it worse by taking him out into other cat smells.  You may want to talk to your vet about a hormone shot at the time of neutering since he's...
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    I don't punish my cats, and wouldn't be using a carrier to do so. They should want to go into a carrier, not feel it's a punishment. May I also suggest you have at least one carrier per cat, if you need to vet them both or evacuate it's far easier with the correct amount of carriers, will also...
  9. missymotus

    HELP - I accidentally cut my cats skin :(

    Neosporin isn't available in Australia (or New Zealand), where I assume the poster lives as she mentioned it being Summer. 
  10. missymotus

    Maine Coon?

    Males don't go into heat, but the yowling is him calling for girls. If you're vet is old fashioned I'd go to another one who's up on the current procedures - not that early neutering is new, it's been done for decades, girls can have silent heats, they also don't need to be in heat to get...
  11. missymotus

    Fostering a Pregnant Cat

    Glad things are going well, a healthy kitten won't get squashed they can wiggle out or yell enough to make mum move Great you were there to remove the stillborn, sometimes they can be revived but the mums generally know and will ignore one that's gone
  12. missymotus

    pregnant female siamese

    Then the entire country here is offensive as domestic just isn't used by the average joe, it's always moggie
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    Great you got her to the vet, if she is in early stage you can spay her ASAP
  14. missymotus

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    At last :) When you handle them always do it in her view, and always as close to her as possible so she gets used to it Weigh them right in front of her bed, and of course quickly so as not to stress her
  15. missymotus

    curious question can a cat still be pregnant after a miscarriage?

    Absorbing isn't the same as a miscarriage, with a miscarriage you'll get fluids and/or a kitten expelled Absorbing there are no signs other than a pregnant cat who's no longer pregnant
  16. missymotus

    75% Brown Classic Tabby & White, 25% Brown Marble Bengal?

    Brown is anything from a reddish tone, light brown, dark brown to black So he's a brown tabby & white domestic, no breed Vets are notorious for leading people astray with breed names that are very incorrect
  17. missymotus

    A Simese Snow Tiger / Tabby Mix?

    No such thing as a Siamese Snow Tiger He is as NG said, just a domestic - a seal tabby point
  18. missymotus

    The Name is Cat, or mollismama

    Fair enough :) Hope all goes well when the time does come. 
  19. missymotus

    Safe Bell on my kitten

    I'm not a collar fan at all, they're far too dangerous and there are far too many cats & kittens who are injured or worse by collars - including breakaways. I use hair bands on newborns, but nothing more (aside from photo shoots, then they're removed). Elastic collars can get legs caught...