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  1. Lari

    Painkillers after dental

    Hi! So Sparkle had a dental with a couple extractions today, and the vet's office gave me 6 to 8 syringes of painkillers that I'm supposed to give her twice a day starting tonight (squeezing it into her cheek pouch). She's honestly seemed fine since coming home and eating, but I attempted to...
  2. Lari

    Growing a Human - It’s a girl!

    (Best read in the voice of the movie trailer guy, lol). From the minds that brought you Planning My Wedding comes a new adventure, full of tears, cheers, drama, and lots of sweets. There will be joy, there will be anxiety, there will changes and at the end of it all, hopefully there will even...
  3. Lari

    Social Distancing Cats

    I'm sure a lot of our feline friends have been practicing social distancing since before it was cool. Show us your pictures!
  4. Lari

    Cat logic?

    Sparkle likes to stick her face in the radiator. I assume the reasoning makes sense in her head somehow. Do any of your cats do weird things that surely make sense to them?
  5. Lari

    So this just happened...

    I'm on my laptop and I feel a furry sensation: Then there's a hiss... Bye, Sparkle
  6. Lari

    Sparse Belly Hair

    So while attempting to get photos for this month's contest, I noticed Lelia's belly floof is not really there. To the point where I can see her rockin' tattoo. Does this look like overgrooming? Normal hot weather summer shed? She doesn't seem stressed and usually has a happy tail, but my vet...
  7. Lari

    So I Went To A Cat Convention

    Only for about three hours, but it was fun. So we walked around first and got to touch some purebreds at the CFA booth. A sphynx, who was fuzzy. I forget what the real name of these ones in, but they're also called werewolf cats because they don't have an undercoat and look like werewolves...
  8. Lari

    Possible Higher Risk Of Cancer - What To Look For?

    Hey guys, this has been on my mind a bit, and I wanted to idk, get it out there. I've heard two towns Lelia was possibly trapped from, but the more likely one (since the lady who thinks she trapped her told me) has been in our local news a fair amount lately about a factory there that has been...
  9. Lari

    Happy Holidays! - Other Animal Edition

    Sorry if there's one from previous years. I didn't really look. I just wanted to send some season's greetings from Myrtle. Do you guys have any holiday pictures of your not-cats?
  10. Lari

    Planning My Wedding - Lari is married!

    As suggested in the What's On Your Mind thread, I'm just going to make a separate thread for this that people are free to ignore as they wish! But I guess I can use it to vent/get out ideas. So far I'm thinking next November before I get too old. November would be off season and hopefully...
  11. Lari


    Hey, so my bf's family lives about twoish hours away from us, and he takes his cat out with his when he stays out for multiple days, a few times a year (especially since our normal catsitter, his sister, is out there for holidays, too). We'll be going out there for Thanksgiving so I'm thinking...
  12. Lari

    Do Cats Know Who's Older?

    Just a silly little question that has been on my mind a bit. Lelia's a year and a half. My bf's cat is 9ish? More or less. And I've wondered if Lelia can tell that S is more middle aged and S can see Lelia as younger. Or once they're past the itty kitten stage, cats just don't notice.
  13. Lari

    How Much Does Early Spay And Neuter Affect Growth?

    I've read that early s/n can cause cats to become bigger/longer/taller than they might have been otherwise because the energy that went into puberty development just goes into growth. I was wondering if there's sort of like an average of by how much? Example: my girl is long and lean. Tail is...
  14. Lari

    Ewegurt Calming Treats

    I'm really not sure which forum this should go in! Mods, please move if I'm wrong. Getting Lelia in her carrier has been harder every time, culminating in the traumatic "move to the new apartment" last time, where it was suggested next time I need to get her in there, to use calming treats...
  15. Lari

    Big Changes Coming

    Hey, there's probably already a million threads about this, but I'm making my own. So Lelia and I are going to be moving. Across town. Into a new bigger 3 bedroom apartment with my bf and his cat. He's been there since May 19 and the plan was to move Lelia in this weekend so she could get used...
  16. Lari

    Resolved Another Ads Question

    In the past couple of days, I've gotten this ad on the bottom of every page that I have to x out of. Screenshot included. Sometimes it's chewy, like in the picture, or amazon, or DePaul, but it follows me and the ad changes every few minutes. On my adblock browser (which I prefer not to use...
  17. Lari

    Margaret The Butterfly

    Nature is cruel sometimes. :( If you follow the mega pawsitive fundraiser thread, you'll know my class has been raising butterflies. Margaret was the runt - the smallest caterpillar, the last to go in her chrysalis and one of the last to come out...or try. Something went wrong and she couldn't...
  18. Lari

    My Kitten Is A Cat

    This girl did not have the most auspicious start to life. I don't know a lot of Lelia's history. I know she was more than likely born feral. I know the town she was trapped in because I was fortunate enough to talk to her trapper at an event once. I know she was spayed on July 6th, with a...
  19. Lari

    Cats On Chairs Outtakes

    Lelia is not super interested in my chairs. So I had to convince her she wanted to go on one and let me take a picture. Here are some non entries:
  20. Lari

    Questions About Sneezing And Pooping.

    Hey guys. I have a couple questions I'd love to get some insight on. Lelia's been sneezing quite a bit the past few days. She has no other symptoms - no watery eyes and is eating and playing normally. My first order of business is a good vacuuming. I also recently switched to a clumping litter...