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  1. puddykat

    What Breed Am I?

    I was a rescue cat found on the street so my hooman has no idea of my parents. I love to talk and I must inform my human slave of everything I do by telling him about it. I am very active when I am awake and like to climb anything that I can. I weigh about 5.1 kg (11 lbs). Here is a picture of...
  2. puddykat

    What Crossbreed Am I?

    I weigh 5.5 kg, very vocal, love to climb and jump. Fascinated by the sound of running water. I was a stray found on the street.
  3. puddykat

    Anger Issues or puberty?

    My male cat of about 6 months old is now in puberty mode. Scroll down until you see the video Symba Shows The Tiger Inside. I know that is typical male cat territory behavior. When I woke up this morning and...
  4. puddykat

    Pet Mesh Product Review By Symba

    Pet Mesh is made from heavy duty vinyl coated polyester yarns, which is stronger than standard   screen. Pet mesh is the absolute answer to screen damage caused by the claws of cats and dogs. It is tough and durable and yet offers superb outward visibility. Can't cut this with a utility knife...
  5. puddykat

    Symba's Bathroom Lessons

    Today Symba and friends teach us bathroom etiquette and where to find the hidden cat toy within the bathroom. Famous cats from around the world appeared in this production.
  6. puddykat

    The Cat Owner's Training Manual

    This is what worked for me when I was training my last cat Puddy Kat who passed away in August 2016 and now I am using the same methods with Symba, a stray that was given to me. Read it , all comments  welcome and of course other cat owners should add to this manual. You can train your cat to...
  7. puddykat

    The Rarest Cat In the World

    This is the only picture known to have been taken of "The Hammerhead Cat" 
  8. puddykat

    Symba's Computer Lessons for Cats

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  10. puddykat

    Symba's School For Kittens

    Hi. I think that my fellow kittens need to learn from example. First we must understand what screen doors are for. They are put there for us to explore. Our first lesson will be a two part presentation - first a picture, then a live action shot. No claws were injured during the filming of...
  11. puddykat

    My name is Symba

    I was a stray found on the street. I am happy in my new home. Here are a few pictures of me enjoying it. I think my daddy was a Bengal and Mommy was a Siamese. My new owner will love me no matter what I am. I love to jump at things on the wall. I like to climb the screen door to look at the...
  12. puddykat

    My new house guest

    He arrived last night. Neighbors found him lost on the street when they went out for dinner about 1 km from my house. I think he is a Bengal, can someone whose eyes are better than mine confirm this thanks.
  13. puddykat

    Can anyone guess how old this kitten is and his breed?

    Greetings I was given a kitten last night. I think by the markings he is a Bengal. My eyesight is not so good so it would be appreciated that someone can confirm his breed. What a happy day this is, Just about three months ago I lost my 6 year old Ragdoll who was also a rescue cat, now another...
  14. puddykat

    My Puddy Kat has gone home

    It is with a very heavy heart that I come here to inform all the cat lovers here that my companion of 6 years Puddy Kat has passed on. I was putting him in the cat carrier to go to the vet as he was having trouble breathing. Just before I put him in the cat carrier, he stood like the temple cats...
  15. puddykat

    More cats in the neighbourhood

    These arrived last week at the neighbor's house.
  16. puddykat

    Cat Rules About Vets For Humans

    Human says to the cat: "We are going to the vet to have you checked." Cat consults all of his nine lives before he answers the human. Cat Life #1 says: NO VET Cat Life #2 says: NO VET Cat Life #3 says: NO VET Cat Life #4 says: NO VET Cat Life #5 says: NO VET Cat Life #6 says: NO VET Cat Life...
  17. puddykat

    Spirit has gone to the spirit world

    It is with great sadness that I post the last picture taken of our beloved kitten called Spirit. he has been missing for over a week now and we all know that he is not coming back. He came to us as a rescue cat> e was only half the size of his brother and we took him in. We fed him cooked...
  18. puddykat

    'The Rules'

    Now listen up - I know you humans are monitoring us cats in here so you better pay attention - it is like this we cats allow you to cuddle us, feed us, love us and what we do in retuen for you is unconditional love back to you but there are a few rules. Rule #1 Cats are cats even when they are...
  19. puddykat

    New Additions

    Here is two pictures of the new rescue cats that we took in. Can someone help me determine the breed of my new friends. Thank you